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  1. This is my English essay, if you could please leave some feedback that would be appreciated. Windows V.S. Macintosh By: Austin Klum There is a movement towards Apple products. However, their computer line Macintosh (Mac) is still not greater than Windows computers (Pc). Pc is better because it is cheaper, customizable, and has more and better software. (Computers Don’t Byte!) “Windows is a program many computer users use to manage files within their computers.” First, Pc is much better priced. In today’s economy people do not have as much money so buying a Pc is more affordab
  2. I developed a system that would have my tamagotchi grow up in 1 week. You would feed it tons when it was a baby. Then you play with it. But whenever you were done with it you would change the time to like midnight so it would sleep and not do anything. Then repeat till its an adult.
  3. BUMP! From ME! The topic starter! Man, Did I have horrid typing skills 2 years ago.
  4. A book, My computer, me lamp, a clock, flash drive, a mouse(computer) silly putty, dust,disks, and video games. Oh and a fedora
  5. Go on youtube and type thenewboston hes got videos for like everything
  6. Im not sure what happend to you but somthing like that happened to me. I was playing Minecraft and it went black and turned off for no reason. So i turn it on and my internet didnt work. I resarted it once again and my mouse didnt work. Tried everything and nothing worked. So I went to Best Buy and had them fix it,Which I still havn't got back after a month.
  7. I was just wondering what makes some one attractive.
  8. Can you please tell me if this link works http://www.minecraft4free.com?id=5200232 it says have 10 people click this and theyll email me a giftcode for minecraft. If it does work please get as many people as possible to click it. Becuase I wanna join your server and play minecraft.
  9. I'm back for the moment! Probably be gone in a week,but I'm happy to see this thread didn't die while I was gone!
  10. People who chew with their mouth open People who play with their gum after they chewed it People with poor hygiene Red headed people People who think their all cool and tough when their not
  11. I just gotta' add this All I can say is what a BEAST!
  12. Speaking of textual languages and image languages... I really don't like Scratch it has graphics instead of real code. Same with Bing, too much Graphics.
  13. Hey, If you want an online free programming teacher to teach you C++, Java, PHP, XHTML/CSS, Javascript and much much more go to thenewboston on Youtube. He's a great teacher!Also now he's expanding his tutorials to other fields like Biology, Geometry, and Math. I'll post a link to his website and Youtube channel His Youtube Channel and His Website
  14. Hey, I'm back and I'm not an idiot newish noob person anymore(Well not as much ). Looking back at all those old post I said to myself, "What was I thinking!". Now I've learned a lot more(Like spaces and capital letters. ) And I'm ready to take on this online community.
  15. Yeah, I'm using IE.I like it so much even though people say its cruddy compared to Safari, FireFox, Chrome, and Opera. I just tried downloading FireFox and it got to 99% then said unable to download...irefox%20setup%203.6.8.exe from 3347-mozzila.voxcdn.com. the operation timed out
  16. no I've tryed about a week ago tried today and 2 days ago
  17. I just got myself a new laptop running windows 7 about a week or 2 ago. I want to try blender and google sketchup on my laptop but they wouldn't download they be almost done and say sorry the time for this operation has ran out. I dont really know what to do being and XP user for so long.
  18. @Alec those are the ones i want to learn right now im trying C++ then Java and maybe python.one other thing were did you get your C++ complier?i can't find one for free. @War Pig Killer I fixed the game I made.And Found a diffrent game I made that I was looking for.
  19. what section is it in.I read a little bit but can't find it.I'll go search more. EDIT:I changed it from only 1 displaying a message to only 6. ill search one more time.
  20. does anyone know what is wrong with this code it is saved as guess.bat and when i press 1 then one again in says noo sir e like it should.then when I press 1 then 2 or up in just says 2 (or any number higher than 2 and lower than 8) press any button to contine..... heres the code @echo off //A Game were you guess :menu cls echo Welcome to the guessing game echo 1)Begin echo 2)Instructions echo 3)Leave set /p num= if %num% == 1 goto Begin if %num% == 2 goto Instructions if %num% == 3 Exit :Begin cls echo Guess a number
  21. hey guys sorry I haven't been on much.My local collage said I can come this september. @Shaddowwarrior where do you get your C++ Complier?I can't find one that works on the computer. @Completely Different What do you mean by function?
  22. Sorry I havn't been on lately.I went camping! so nobody has anything on mirosoft.also do you think the local collage will let me visit for the day