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  1. Updated to here! It seems I am always apologizing. It has taken even longer than usual for me to update this time. Some students that I have listed may not still be active, but I chose to err on the side of caution. I will be doing an activity check for mentors soon, just to see who is still on board. We have not had a lot of requests for mentors lately, but I want to be sure we have enough to handle future requests. Thanks to all of you who work to make this project a success! ~purplehaze
  2. Updated to here! I removed all students who began before November 1. If you are still actively mentoring anyone from before that, please let me know and I will add them to your list again. I also sent out activity checks to just about everyone. I realize that some probably will wonder why they got them, but I sent them before the update and didn't remember who had posted recently and who had not! I also updated all the PM links on the mentor list, since they were all broken with the new forum update! Please let me know if I have made any mistakes! ~purplehaze
  3. ~~ Updated to here. ~~ Since it has been so long since I last updated I only added students who started in the last month. All other students have been removed from the list! If you are still mentoring someone that I don't have on your list, please let me know. It does seem a bit quieter around here. @nooey - I think posting the link in your responses in the Introduce Yourself section is a good idea. @purpledragonclaw - I also appreciate you keeping an eye out for people who may need a bit of help. I have also just noticed that PM links in the mentor list are broken with the forum update. I fixed a few of them, but will have to do the others later. ~purplehaze
  4. Updated to here! Rhiannalexis, Sock, or Tigerkralle -- what happened to the request from Jxhn? Hopefully someone was able to help! Also, both purpledragonclaw and LoveOfTheMoonChild posted that they were mentoring Devil0356 ??? Which is it? Or are they lucky enough to have two mentors? Please let me know if I have made any mistakes! ~purplehaze
  5. Updated to here! I have removed students who were on the lists for 2 months or more. If you are still actively mentoring one of them, please let me know and I will restore them to your list. I sent activity check PMs to some of our mentors who have not had a student in quite awhile. Those who did not reply to that PM have now been moved to inactive status. They can be re-added to the active list by replying to the latest PM I sent advising them of their change in status. Hopefully that means that all mentors on the list are active and are checking this thread for potential students. Again, I will advise all mentors to subscribe to this thread so you will see when there are new posts. Thanks for all that you do! I know you make a big difference to the players that you mentor! ~purplehaze
  6. Updated to here! Sorry for the extremely long time between updates which makes it hard to tell who has students and who doesn't. I removed all students who started in November, December, and January. If you are still actively mentoring someone from then, please let me know and I will correct that. I will be sending out activity check PMs soon to mentors who have not recently had a student. Thanks to all the mentors who help new players get started and to the mods who notify us of players who may need help. ~purplehaze
  7. Updated to here! It seems once a month is about all I can manage. I have also added a new banner from fuzzbucket to the list. Thanks Fuzz! ~purplehaze
  8. All Updated to Here! Again, sorry for the long delay. I removed all students who started in October, as I figured they had graduated by now. Thanks to all of you for being so diligent in following this thread and contacting the people who post requests. I really appreciate your help! ~purplehaze
  9. Updated to here. Sorry for the long time between updates. Today my computer was acting up. After almost completing the update (which was done very laboriously to begin with because of repeated "Mozilla Firefox (Not Responding)" messages) it wiped the whole thing out and I had to start over. But it is done and I will try not to wait so long next time! Please check your student lists and let me know if there are any that should be removed or added. Thanks for all you do!! ~purplehaze
  10. A warm welcome to another new mentor, SaphireKat. All updated to here. ~purplehaze
  11. Congrats to our newest mentor, Prince_Xanthius!!! Updated to here. ~Shalarean
  12. Applications for mentors are now closed. No new applications will be accepted until further notice. Several applications that were received before the deadline are still being processed and those applicants will be notified of our decision soon. ~purplehaze
  13. Updated to here! Congrats to the New Mentors! ~Shalarean Remember - Mentoring applications are closing today. If you want to be a Mentor, get your application in now!
  14. Please welcome our newest mentor, fuzzbucket. ~purplehaze
  15. Applications for mentors will be closing at the end of this week. Anyone who is interested must send in an application before end of day (cave time) Saturday, September 3. ~purplehaze
  16. Welcome to two more new mentors: Tigerkralle and dustpuppy.
  17. And another new mentor to announce - jumpsnake. Welcome to the team and good luck!
  18. And I have one more new mentor to announce! Please welcome herk to the team. ~purplehaze New mentors all added to the second post. All updated to here!
  19. I am pleased to welcome our newest mentors! Saikachan rihannalexis aussieJJDude LoveofTheMoonChild polaristar They will be added to the mentor list in the second post as soon as I get a chance, but they are welcome to begin accepting students immediately. ~purplehaze, on behalf of The Mentoring Project mods
  20. Thanks for letting us know. Yukimura_Ai has been returned to your list. ~purplehaze
  21. Updated to here! I have removed all students who were added before mid-June. If you are still actively mentoring one of those, please post to have them re-added. ~purplehaze Remember - Mentoring applications are open. If any of our mentors know someone who may be interested, please have them stop by and fill out the application. You don't have to have been here for years to be a mentor. You just need a basic knowledge of the game and the forum and most importantly be patient and willing to help!