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  1. I was searching for the reason why sunrise/sunsets are not in the market, came across this suggestion thread. You get my vote of support.
  2. Yes please, on a mobile or tablet this is a must, sorry for bump ☺️
  3. Support, for me it is important to have which trade is it. What was the code or alternative with who, sometimes I wonder if I am offering again the same thing for the same dragon to the same person that canceled earlier 😅
  4. Hi, In your scroll you can see how many “unique breeds” you have, but it is tricky to know which ones are missing. Since Allure has a very good scroll stats, could it be enhanced to do such check? No idea on effort and If bbik is up for it. Perhaps this is done elsewhere and I haven’t found it. Any feedback is welcomed. I know neglected is for sure one of them 🙄
  5. Sugestion for a ncie tool: A "GoN" tool so that it can give you a number of Ice, Lava, Thunder owned so that one could see which breed is needed the most to maximise the trios owned and thus chances to summon.
  6. midnight works best for us europe types, its our sunday morning. but experimenting is good. I guess
  7. Thanks for the impatient link
  8. Thank you for the update, it seems to be running better. Any news on the request to reduce lag when using fertiliy over mobile? This Thread Shame we missed it for this update.
  9. I have seen one, once. In addition to the three points stated above, my guess is that the fact that they are spread over six (or over two) biomes makes them harder too see. If I reference them vs. trios, they seem to be going to twice as hard, because they are so spread. I wonder about the commons that supposed to be in several biomes. A second point is wtf happened to silvers and golds, they were breeding and dropping like rabbits and flies, i wonder if this is somehow related.
  10. Yes you would, that wouldn't change. It would just make it simpler to add single codes. Basically since there only two options then: unticked code add = scroll add = default state when page loads.
  11. A small UI suggestion. At the moment there is a drop down menu between a scroll addition and an code addition. The default is scroll. Given that there is only two options, it could be better to do away with the dropdown menu and just have one tick box for code adding, which is unticked by default. This way its two actions (paste code, tick box) instead of three (paste code, open drop down, pick second option).
  12. Breed page doesn't give me grief, even if I have 600 of each gender, but fertility kills my ipad regularly. Pagination could be a good solution.
  13. Hi, I really like the site, especially the part that says "Next egg can hatch in 3h, and next hatchling can mature in 2 hours." I have noticed that the time shown for the eggs hatchies is not working well. It is off by 1h sometimes. Didn't TJ change the 30min rounding a while ago? Right now i have an egg that is 4d by the cave but 3d23h by sherwood.
  14. Yes! Egg locked in 27min despite being on a MiFi in the middle of the cannaries. Incredible to see only 130 users per biome and down to 15 after one hour. Thanks for the release, guessing its arachnids... Cant wait to see.
  15. The cheese eggs are never out for long enough for them to dry
  16. Support, The log could say it all in one line : " bred x with y and produced z which was autoabandoned"
  17. To me the drop means only the new eggs, the moment that it starts to mix with the missclicks... The drop is over to me. Since I have to read and think instead of just click like a madman.
  18. Since the introduction of biomes we seem to be doing mixed drop earlier or is it just me? I was used to solid drops for a bit longer One Musty and one misclick (swallowtail) thus far.
  19. Glad you liked them, more cathedrals were APed
  20. xareu

    2012-07-22 - Updates

    Hi, I love these changes, specially the filters and the log. I noticed that teleports are barely logged, is this intentional? My logs show that I offered on egg three times, but it doen't record to whom, for what and if (or when) the trade was accepted/declined.
  21. So at theend the users called the bluff and the prank backfired. Priceless
  22. Yea, this way its better because you don't have to wait 10min to get the next one. It's a more rewarding way of collecting them
  23. Loved it thanks! I reminded me of old DOS/TEXT based games from 70s/80s
  24. IMHO there wasn't any an increase in their drop rate, it was "just" as hard as before right? I didn't test it as I already have one, which looks very festive