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  1. I basically have 4 templates for naming my dragons, and they have little to do with anything - just how I'm feeling. 1. "A (adjective) (noun)" e.g. - "An Anachronistic Analogy" 2. Titling - e.g "Cathartidae the Marrowfiend" 3. Ownership - e.g. "The Sun's Cheeky Courier" 4. A description of embodiment - e.g. "Of Ghostly Nature" and "Mistaken for Mercury" My Tinsels, Xenos and Dorkfaces have their own nameschemes - Tinsels are named after egyptian pharaohs and queens, Xenos in latin descriptions, and Dorkfaces are whatever. Inbred dragons will always have "Inbred" in the
  2. Picked this little gem up in the Abandoned area, was gonna send it back but i saw the code: http://dragcave.net/lineage/JgemT
  3. I got a strange combination checker Brute which has left me both pleasantly surprised and confused. I also got this pretty Striped Checker. And finally to wrap it all up, a Nightcrawler checker bitten by a vampire. Oh, and I managed to snag a CB Golden Wyvern in the abandoned area. Who'd do such a thing? Thank you everyone who dropped these
  4. I picked up this awesome Brute just a while ago. No idea how I'm ever gonna continue this lineage though.
  5. One of my 2016 Halloween hatchlings has the code BU0O... Like, "boo!" which is pretty neat. http://dragcave.net/view/3BU0O
  6. Man I won't lie I was pretty hyped when I realized I had accidentally bred my Dorkface descendant with what I didn't know at the time was Thuwed. As an added bonus, I decided to breed THAT with my Penk-descendent silver tinsel. This is my triple-lineage beauty, and it has 5 different pairs of Thuweds in it's lineage. Even though it has a massive lineage I'm still pretty happy, seems to be the descendant of a failed purebred Thuwed attempt. (For anyone interested, Midas Dorkface is at the top, while Penk is at the bottom.)
  7. True- Probably. TPBM Has got a Halo, CoD or Assassin's Creed Game on any console!
  8. Even though Ive only been trying to get the eggs from ythe other 70-120 people on each biome for about 10 minutes, I know im most likely not going to get an Egg . At least I have a Black Marrow EDIT: Just after I finished typing this, I caught one!
  9. How do you get teh chicken? do you just wander around?
  10. Lo'Lindir Su'Rion Dorkface entered the cave, turning his void power off. "Is my trick getting old now, is it?" He asked, a half mocking tone in his voice.He came in laid down, then heard his stomach roar. "arm, you wouldn't, By any chance, have some food? I haven't eaten in ages!" He said, not looking directly at Aurora. He hated asking for food he did not hunt. It made him feel inferior.
  11. ((Oops, sorry, school and sickness has kept me away.)) Su'Rion followed the smell of meat, hoping to get a meal. Eventually he sprinted, not realising how much the anticipated the food. Eventually, he got to a cave, with multiple dragons, including Aurora. He watched as a dragon he had never seen before entered the cave at Aurora's voice. He also decided to to step in. but off too the side.
  12. Nope, not really. I dont pictures/drawings of people unless they are super dooper chuck norris level epic.
  13. Suddenly all the area around Su'Rion went pitch black." I suck up light, basically." He said, green eyes glowing in the dark. He made everything normal again, then said "So, do you know where everyone is?"
  14. Su'Rion got up. "I am Lo'Lindir Su'Rion Dorface. You can call me Su'Rion. Whats your power?" He was going to ask questions, and he was going to ask a lot. Maybe.
  15. The darkness vanished instantly, and Lo'Lindir Su'Rion Dorkface could be seen, cracking up laughing, on the ground. "Too bad I couldn't hold it for longer, you look as if you were starting to get scared." Su'Rion mocked. He was going to have a ball laughing at Aurora's reaction.
  16. Su'Rion enshrouded Aurora in inpenatrible darkness. He tapped her on the tail."I have come for you." He said, trying to put on his best Demon voice. But he was so close to cracking up with laughter, it wasn't funny.
  17. "Both of your statements are invalid. I am a baby owl, not a Grandma. And this is apple and black current juice!"
  18. N: 6/10 A: 5/10 Not sure if vamp or Emo.... S: 0/10 The only good pony is the DJ pony. Thats that.
  19. *Invalid sees the Cat.* "Invalid! That is known as Breakdancing, not just the General term of "dancing!""
  20. Me? I collected any Pokemn items I could get my blistered-from-paying-way-too-much-pokemon-on-DS Hand on. I now also am a Major Halo fan. So I am doing the same, except replace pokemon with halo and Ds with xbox. Also, I collect paperclips. and books. My prized possession is my complete series of the "lost years of merlin" books.
  21. The Twilight Sega wins this hands down. I loved the books though, and thats coming from a guy.
  22. Currently: Addicted ~ Bliss N Eso Like Toy Soldiers ~ Eminem Mocking Bird ~ Eminem Reflections ~ Bliss N Eso Lose Yourself ~ Bliss N Eso Moves like Jagger ~ Maroon 5 Sexy and I Know it ~ LMFAO Party Rock Anthem ~ LMFAO Revenge ~ TryHardNinja, CaptainSparklez