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  1. My split has been safely delivered!
  2. Glad everything's alright, Stealthy! Pm'd my winner.
  3. My egg has been safely delivered! I'm planning on breeding something for the next giveaway.
  4. PM'd my winner, great story. *applauds self* I assume the 3-day cycle continues today and the next giveaway is on Saturday.
  5. How do we have 7,000 replies but are already up to 14,932?
  6. Fun fact: if you assume BUMP is a base-36 number and convert it to decimal, you get 552913, which is prime.
  7. 3 days after the last one, which was yesterday. So on saturday. Anyway, I would like to be added to the list! Thanks in advance.
  8. When I was younger, I was running in Chuck E Cheese and ran into some 3 year old. I got my chin glued back together. I also got my middle and ring right fingers shut in the car door when I when to get lunch from McDonalds when I was like 7. They where in a splint for three weeks. (I don't think we even went back to get ice cream ) Also I was making myself pancakes for lunch and when I flipped the pancake, the oil I put in the pan splashed and burned my arm. After that I used butter. But I did use too much oil.
  9. I missnamed a lineage dragon, and now I fixed it. I love this, and the scroll pages.
  10. I'm waiting for one of the new mods to come in and make a karate noise. Thanks TJ.
  11. SUSPICIOUS QUOTATION MARKS! Thanks for the info.
  12. I'd like to be a well-liked author, but my best story goes like: "This cat did this stuff, and his friend dieded." and that's as far as I've gotten with four chapters, so probably a chemist if my writing skills don't improve. I'd probably be a chemist anyway.
  13. ..My eyes, they burn... But, these are my best ones so far. http://sketchfu.com/drawing/1476341-spider-face It's a spider. http://sketchfu.com/drawing/1476405 This is me trying to draw a dragon but then giving up and drawing something random.