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  1. This egg as a whole is light, but the shell is brittle. Opposites: Earth and sky Edited: few grammar errors from what I could see, rewording
  2. Yay! Just collected 6 myself, scroll locked~ 2 from the mountains and 4 from the forest. =P
  3. I had a babybel, some cucumber and a few slices of cooked ham. I really need to work on my diet
  4. Ah wow, just nabbed one of each. Yay! Today is a good day. I think I made a good decision in waiting till the time was on the hour to try and nab them. It seemed kind of futile for me to try at any other time
  5. Mine? October the 7th. Everyone else seems to remember my birthday more than others for some reason. I also appear share a birthday with Simon Cowell after a quick google. Yay?
  6. Finally got a paper dragon from the Jungle after re-picking up my scroll after so long Idk if they're even that hard to get anymore, but I just remember them being really rare back when I first started roughly 4 years ago. I still don't have gold or silver haha, but that doesn't really matter to me now because I HAVE A PAPER DRAGON BABY <456789
  7. Here's mine. I really don't understand my own dA at all... so much random lol.
  8. Tomato soup with some bread, orange juice for a drink. Living the exciting life... I don't really eat much lol.
  9. Heh. i have my memory right here . (Well, most of it :/ (SALLY-SAN IS IN THAT WHITE EGG ) I joined about end of May, I think. At one point I saw a few gold eggs in the AP and I thought they were dull so I didn't get any. >_< (They weren't going anywhere >.>) I had a Skywing egg before that, but it reached 0 hours and i was like OMG OMG OMG ITS GONNA DIE! because I had only just joined (I didn't know about any of the Sotidragon and stuff) so my friend who introduced me (his scroll is Daimakaicho click his awesome scroll plz ) told me to abandon it. This is him. MY BABY GREW UP! Also, I didn't start breeding till July when I learnt about the different colour stripes (I got the green stripe in the AP O_O''). Good times, goooooood times....