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  1. I actually like all the new sprites. I didn't like the golds at first, but now I'm more meh. :/ I love all the slight shading changes though. But also I would be upset if I spent a lot of time collecting my favorite dragon but then a bunch of people decided they hated it and it changed. It almost seems like there's no point when they can change anytime.
  2. I voted to agree with part of the plan. I would love a new hatchie. For sure, PLEASE make a new hatchie! But, please don't change the adult too much. I love it! I like to think he burrowed part way under but could get his tail end through and came back up. The shading and stuff I don't mind, but I really don't want him to change his position too much. Also dimorphism would be sweet! A sneaky female would be epic!
  3. Wow I really like these! I don't know why everyone has to argue over something small on a beautiful dragon that I think looks perfectly fine. It has amazing detail too. I'm pretty sure this argument is over the front claws, right? I look at it and see a foot with several claws so they can grip things, kinda like the pokemon Rayquaza. Plus, does anyone know for sure what a dragon would look like? I don't see why the artist can't just decide how the dragon would look and not be compared to other dragons. It's not a problem of whether or not it would be physically possible, it's just some people think dragons can't be like that. How do you know? Also, what are they being called?
  4. The story today was kinda freaky to be honest. >_< Not to mention TJ gets to be almighty and worshiped of course. -.- >_>
  5. sjdafioewja Several Jelly Doughnuts Are Failing In Oklahoma Every Wednesday Jabbing Apples. dfvdjlfnkslonf
  6. Wow! I thought I'd check back here since I haven't played in awhile to see what Winter has brought, and this is cool! I'll be sure to grab the Christmas Dragon since I missed Halloween. I hope this years dragon is as awesome as previous years. I love the decorating stuff, I wish we could be able to decorate our trees again, I don't really like my tree. :/ But the wreath is still cool. The dress ups are adorable! <3 Thanks for everyone who did all this art, it must have taken awhile! The tiny hat edits must take a lot of precision!
  7. Yay for karma and Murphy's Law! Right after I posted I caught some! Oh wait. It said I got one twice, but there's only one on my scroll. o_O I guess I'll try again in 4 min. to see if I actually caught the 2nd one or not.
  8. D:< I just remembered today's V-Day and "Hey, there's probably something on DragonCave!" And now I have 30 min. to catch 2. >_>
  9. Mine has a nest-like thing of popcorn garland with birds at the ends on top. The main tree has a smiley face, with the eyes as the two stars. They'res ornaments outlining the whole tree, too. I really like my tree.
  10. Aww didn't win. But gratz to all the winners! I saw some super cool trees. I would love to see what the new dragons look like. Even just the eggs. I want to know if they're actually gold, silver, and bronze. 'Cause that would make pretty lineages once RareXRare breeding is put in.
  11. WHAT!?!?!? There was a Leetle Tree and I didn't see it?!?! I'm gonna go hunt the cave for them now. Forget AP hunting for hollies, I want a Leetle Tree!!! Wait. It's too late already, isn't it. Today's the 28th. More ontopic, the dragon is cool! I think the reason people think it doesn't match is because the others are obviously Christmas dragons. But these are more...I don't know the word I'm looking for. Abstract? And shiny. It's also fiercer looking, I think. My only problem is that I don't understand the mouth. Is it open with a yellow tongue/mouth and the lower jaw has a swirly red ribbon thing? Or is it something else I can't see? What are they named? Their page just says Christmas Dragon like the other Christmas dragons. And also, are they one gender only? If so, which gender?
  12. I hope so! I want a Icicle X Magma lineage and a Thunder X Silver lineage! Although Icicle X Ember is cooler.
  13. OMG!!! I can't wait for these updates! I know this has been asked a million times, but when will we get these awesome things?!?!?! OMG the most amazing is the biomes. I don't know what biomes means, but I know what concept they are talking about. I remember seeing a thread for it. OMG CANT WAIT!!!!!!!!!!
  14. Yeah, It was a random thought. What are peoples' opinions on a leetle egg badge?
  15. I like doing eggs, although I'm still learning. I would love credit for them! I agree that I shouldn't get a pallete. Maybe if you make an egg you get a leetle badge of an egg like someone else said? That would be cool. A little access would be cool, like being able to see a few things. Or none if nobody wants to. What if artists could "let in" egg artists to the section? If someone did a few very good amazing eggs, an artist may decide to let them have access. But then again, maybe it would become having to be good friends with an artist to get in.
  16. What is that Firecracker thing by the trophy? How do I get it. If you have to have the new eggs that makes no sense because my friend has it and she doesn't have any of the new eggs, but I don't have it and I have one of each egg. Also, didn't notice these!
  17. Which spredsheet has rare/event dragons? I found an '09 V-Day, and wanted to know if it was on the list already. Its http://dragcave.net/view/JGVp . Is she on the list of wild holidays?
  18. I picked a dragon! I made sure she wasn't on the list. I don't know how to add to the list, or if I even can if I knew how, so if you could please add http://dragcave.net/view/58mW ? Its a split. It has a lot of children, so I took note of them so I knew if a new code got added in there. Hoping to see a non-split from her sometime.
  19. 8oD9 is softshelled. It is the only egg in the young page that is sick, i think.
  20. Cream Cheese Enchilada. I saw this before, but I decide to join it now. I'm gonna find a dragon to watch. Only doing one for now.
  21. lol wut? I wake up to Magicarp using splash? How did I not see this last night? I think it is either: 1. A BSA for Goldfish that does nothing 2. Something about dealing with so many breeds of dragons. 3. TJ just messing with us for the lulz. I mostly think either 1. or 3.
  22. Woo! Woke up to TJ's adults! I still need A male water or magi...
  23. Are the hatchies or adults different depending on pattern? Or is it just so the eggs look cool?