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whatcolor_isgreen.jpgpartymini.png2cfawkh.jpg<Made by DragonSisterOne. Original Consept by tinakhal.cpeggie-2.png <- Can't remember who made this. If its yours, let me know, I'll give you credit. b4thechange.gif

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    pokemon, video games, Dragons, dinosaurs, cats, Warriors(book series), Percy Jackson and the Olympians(book series), The 39 clues(book series), writing, and as you can see,BOOKS!

    These are NOT in order! Warriors would be the first on my list! I <3 Warriors! MEOW!

    DRAGON WISHLIST/GIFTS I WILL ACCEPT: Goldfish, Gold, Silver, Terrae, Chickens, Dinos, Cheeses, Papers, Most Uncommons, Common Hatchies, Low-time eggs. I'll probably accept other things too. If I don't have a certain gender of something, I'll accept that gender hatchie/influenced egg. If I don't have a frozen hatchie of something, I'll accept a hatchie of that too. I also collect dragons with funny or cool codes. Inbreeding doesn't matter, although I perfer shorter lineages.