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  1. Is it.. fifth year that I'm trying to catch a single holly? Oh well.
  2. @RegenWolk @kwan852963 thanks and flowers for you :3
  3. Bubblegum hatchie May I ask for some flowers too?
  4. Happy valentines everyone! I love new eggs, so cute and shiny And just got my first flower! Yayz *goes to send flowers randomly*
  5. Caught six blue ones and only one orange. @_@ Lol funny
  6. Mine is 281868, joined 18th January 2009 ^^
  7. The tree isn't saving at all, even if you just replace something and revisit the page. And I wonder how tree will save when you submit it.. I just submitted mine before finding this problem.
  8. Ooooh, this will be epic *_* So many cool updates.. Especially 2 new BSA's and egg limits. Also locations sounds very interesting, I wonder how it will look like.. *waits impatiently*
  9. This is first time I see TJ's hatchlings are dead o_o
  10. Oh God, six eggs 0_0 I thought I was gone crazy or something..
  11. Maybe these hatchlings are not quite cute, but they're beautiful. I really really want to see adults. *_*
  12. I'd be happy if you do so You all can use it freely
  13. So, I managed to catch 4 new eggs for myself and 2 more for my bf, also successfully turned 2 zombies (female adult and hatchling) and bred 7 pumpkin eggs. Lagging site was terrible but I feel so happy now.. ^^ And I made a lil banner
  14. Knives

    04/01/10 - MAYHEM

    Error Sorry, a database error has occurred o_o' what's that..
  15. Knives

    04/01/10 - MAYHEM

    There's so many nebulas.. I can't catch any other egg =_=