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  1. My NaNoWriMo: I'm at 4169 words. I can't keep up! I also hate my plot, and characters. And I have no setting.
  2. Doesn't anybody remember the Zombie plan thread from a while ago? Weren't we going to build a city out of trash in the middle of the ocean and hope that zombies can't swim?
  3. I think I already posted here but.. I tend to think about things the way older, more mature people would. More sprituality, less sparkledogs. The impulses I act on are unfortunate for me, because they tend to be the impulses of a 13 year old freshman. (Protip: I'm a 13 year old freshman in RL.)
  4. N: 8/10 Meh, it's hard to make a nickname out of that. avvie: 6/10 it's a cool photo S: Cool siggie. 7/10 I'm trying to change my name to Kaz.
  5. Some people actually belive they are Vampires, or Angels, or they are Therians. (Wolf, swan, cougar, or any animal spirits.) I'm a dragon spirit, but that's for a different thread. People who are Vampires they aren't evil, or insane, or goth. They are just like us. People who walk around, talk, work, go to school, during the day, or the night. They just belive that they have been, or have the spirit of a Vampire. Of course, some take is WAY too overboard and kill people. Those people are mentaly insane. I have a very good Angel friend, and she's not what you would call an escapist. Or a faker. She's just an Angel, and that doesn't mean goody two shoes either, she respects life, is a vegan, but just lives like a normal human being. Witches are a yes.
  6. I don't really watch anime, tho. It's a shame. There were enough furries at the last one. I saw two fullsuiters. I'm expecting this: "Oh, that's so cool! What anime are you from? Thanks, but I'm my own character... oh.... *walks away* "
  7. I have five unfinished clay projects. Sketches all over the place. And trash. No, real trash, I have candywrappers, pens, paperbits, all of it. I think I'll clean it up now!
  8. Roon! That costume is so awesome. I'm jelly. Do you think showing up to Anime Expo as your own OC dragon would cause confusion? I'm making a elaborate dragon costume. Only because weird things go on at furrycons.
  9. I can go from 10 to an old soul in under less than a second. I'm 13.
  10. I bit a kid's arm for taking my art supplies.
  11. I might do it, because it says if your writing by hand you can do it with lorem ipsum...
  12. monica3981

    10 on 10-10-10

  13. http://xiceyx.deviantart.com/art/CPA-Story-180895841 ^ that's Ice's Story. His, not mine, I just hand out the link to suspishus people.
  14. ^ You. I'm going Carinvous (sp?) because I want to be closer to my draconic side. Meat, greens and fruit. Heh, caveman diet.
  15. monica3981

    Art Worm

    I'm ready and willing. And kinda good at photomanips.
  16. So? I'm on vacation. lolz. I would make a banner but i'm using a .000000000002 inch laptop.
  17. I did. *PHAIL* And the strait line isn't strait.
  18. The file name of the Gif is What is coming nexxxxxxtttttt?
  19. I have a question. Because I got(more of forced) my friend to play, and during big holidays when she isn't on(she's never on) and I catch eggs and grow them to adults for her on her scroll, is that a violation?
  20. Hey, * * Any new kits I could use? I want to be active in this RP... >,>
  21. Muffin, I am sorry for not being able to make that lesson.
  22. Should I get a deaviantART? Is it worth the trouble?