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I breed on request--if you are looking for Valentine lines this year, send me a PM!. RoseBudProjectWhitePair.gifartisteri.png21.jpg

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    IOU List:

    -2nd gen Gold to MeldaDrabek

    Artisteri's Wishlist:

    -CB Almandine or Spessartine Pyralspite
    -CB Silver Female
    -CB female and low gen Golds
    -Low gen Tinsels & shimmers (all colors)
    -CB Black Male
    -CB Stripe Female
    -Pretty lineages with Alt holidays (especially Alt Sweetlings!)
    -2nd gen black from Silver x Black
    -2nd gen black from Alt Sweetling x Black
    -Yellow Dino
    -Pretty Alt Blacks
    -ND (hopeful :) )

    Commons: (always looking for these!)
    -Alt nebulas (CB or PB)
    -2nd gen Whites from White x Rosebud
    -PB Reds
    -CB Sunsong eggs and hatchlings
    -CB Moonstone eggs and hatchlings
    -CB Pinks
    -CB Whites



    If you are looking for a certain type of dragon and see anything you like on my scroll, I'd be more than happy to breed any pairs I have. To submit a request, please send me a PM. I don't have any waiting lists, so it's first come first serve for every dragon (my Tinsels *are* up for requests). You need to be able to collect the egg within 24 hours or I will drop it in the AP.

    -NO trading away the offspring. If I breed you something, it must stay on your scroll (unless you tell me in advance that you would like it to be a gift for someone else).
    -NO freezing--unless you specifically ask in advance and I agree, the dragon must grow into an adult.
    -You must NAME any offspring you get from me. I don't have any rules about how you name it, just that it needs a name.