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  1. I have them a cb black at the end of May. I reported it, but the user did not. Just to let you know http://dragcave.net/lineage/4uPmo
  2. Gift Report Erob13 -> Blackbolt101: CB Black egg
  3. My only complaint on using iOs is when I view my scroll through the /user/ URL it displays 4 pages of dragons, which is great. When I view my scroll through /dragons I have to go through 34 pages. While this is not hindering anything and is not a major problem, I was wondering of there was a way to have the condensed scroll when I am accessing my scroll, not just other people. It would be a timesaver. Thanks.
  4. I want to be added to a List! Forum User: Erob13 Scroll Link: Here! Requested list: Shimmer Scale and Neglected PM link: Here! Proof you read the rules. (hint= I am waiting to get on a list) : I am waiting to get on a list Thank you!
  5. Thanks to you TJ! I enjoyed this week very much!!
  6. I love the adults! Very dark and mysterious. Thanks!
  7. Just caught my two! Thanks again to TJ and the spriters!
  8. I have caught two of every release (one of each color from yesterday) on my iPhone with a wifi connection. Never caught any within the first hour, but not from lack of trying.
  9. Another day, another failed attempt at grabbing eggs during the first drop. Thanks for the event, it has been a (stressful) blast so far!
  10. Grabbed one of each color. Luckily I planned on grabbing 2 eggs per day (one male one female) with the ability to have one day with three eggs and still be fine the rest of the week. That turned out to have been good forethought! I'm very excited and grateful to TJ and the spriters for putting on this fun birthday bash!
  11. They are so beautiful! Thanks TJ and the spriters!
  12. Didn't get any, hopefully the rest of the week will go better
  13. SUCCESS!!! Summoned my first GoN egg! Thought it was a mean April Fools joke, but its April 2nd lol! Finally! *pats all trio dragons on back and gives them a handshake*
  14. Got all 51! Beautiful eggs as always. Thanks to TJ, the artists, and anyone else involved!!
  15. Thought there was a drop of new eggs. Good one TJ. April fools!
  16. My only Christmas dragons that produced Christmas eggs was my hollies. None of the others gave holiday eggs Here is my house. I really like the rainbow chickens.
  17. Here is mine http://dragcave.net/holidays12_house/Erob13! So many choices! I'll probably make several lol. Got my eggs and decorated my house, Merry Christmas everyone! Great event on DC this year, as always.
  18. Got my two! Yay! Merry Christmas!
  19. Hope to get my eggs tonight, then make my gingerbread house in the morning:) Merry Christmas everybody!!!!
  20. I will breed my dragons after Christmas. I also collected all my recipes and made 20 of everything.... just in case lol. Hoarding all of the yummy food. Thank you to everyone involved for the cooking event and the events to come! Happy Holidays!!
  21. Glad you like Trekwriter: I am working on a bigger Nebula base to avoid inbreeding, but it doesn't both me so if there might be some incestuous things in my lines lol For my split line I am trying to do it PB and am acquiring CB splits. I just need one more female CB before I start to go to town with that line.
  22. Have a Nebula ST egg if anyone wants here!
  23. Got my seven eggs! That was easier then what I was expecting, but I am not complaining about that!!!! The eggs are really pretty. I don't think the dragons will be pygmies. At least I would think not as the rest of the holiday dragons are not pygmies. But if the Halloween 2012 dragons end up being pygmies I will still love them. (Personally I am pulling for bat dragons )
  24. Got 2 Zombies this year. One hatchie and one adult. Now I'm up to 1 female adult ('09), 2 male adults ('10,'12), and an ungendered hatchling('12). If you didn't get a zombie this year, don't worry. I didn't get any last year and got two this year. The message you get when you kill the dragons is so depressing. It serves its purpose well though. I feel really bad killing dragons and when they don't die its even worse because then they know that you don't care about them as you just tried to kill them and they evaded your attack. (I know they aren't real, but it still makes me sad)