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  1. These sound pretty awesome, I can't wait to be able to use them.
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    Rebecca Black

    Another possibility to add to the list x3 I heard someone say she wrote the song, and someone else said she and her friends bought the song and made a video for it as a joke. *shrugs*
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    2011-04-27 - Downtime

    Thanks TJ ^^ I don't think I lost anything, but I'm glad to hear others will have some more time to recollect their lost ones! :3
  4. Not too long ago I dreamt that my best friend was dating Justin Bieber. We all lived on his private island complete with roller coasters and a pet dinosaur. Another time I had a dream in which my mother was a serial killer. o-o We had this pretty big car, and a bunch of my friends and family members were in it. We were driving to the mall but when we got there it turned out it was closed because of mass robberies. I stopped to tell one of the officers about my mom, and they casually said they'd look into it when they had the time. I got back in the car and we started driving again, but my mom, who looked like a mix of herself and Helena Bonham Carter was standing the middle of the road with a knife.
  5. 1. To turn my long-distance relationship with my girlfriend into a short-distance one. Then I'd donate the other two to charity......or something. Maybe wish for a cure for cancer.
  6. When I was younger, I had this imaginary family of mice that would come talk to me while I was in the bath. Sometimes there was only one, and others there were hundreds...none of them had names though. I haven't taken a bath for a while. Showers are easier for me. I usually skate until late into the evening, so by the time I get home and eat dinner, I'd rather just take a quick shower and get some sleep rather than soak in the tub. Also, I can relate to what someone said about not liking the 'feel' of baths. I tried to take one a couple weeks ago, but it was rather uncomfortable and very icky feeling. I do enjoy jacuzzi baths though. <3
  7. Right now I have 'Misery Love Company' by Emilie Autumn and 'Our War' by Neon Trees on repeat
  8. Eilsel516

    Rebecca Black

    Friday is good for a few laughs, not something I'd listen to regularly though. The lyrics weren't -that- bad, I've heard worse. Nothing against Rebecca Black, or the song really, I'm pretty neutral. Also, has anyone heard Stephen Colbert and Jimmy Fallon's version of the song?
  9. Not really looking forward to most of these, but hey, you can't please everyone. Pretty excited for the renaming and egg limits though. ^.^
  10. So much good music, so many favorite bands...... Avenged Sevenfold Rise Against Green Day Disturbed Breaking Benjamin Bullet For My Valentine Papa Roach Fall Out Boy Good Charlotte 3 Doors Down Mindless Self Indulgence Muse Three Days Grace There's probably a lot more >.< Just can't think of them right now.
  11. Breaking Ben is awesome, one of my favorite bands. My best friend introduced me to their music, actually, she introduced me to a lot of much As far a favorites goes, I know I can't choose just one, but I can list a few~ So Cold Breakdown Diary of Jane Firefly Evil Angel Dance With The Devil I Will Not Bow Break My Fall
  12. Got on from the 6 egg batch 83 Thanks TJ & Co. you guys rock~
  13. 21 Guns - Green Day Dx Awesome song, but gets stuck in my head waaaay too easily.
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    Justin Bieber

    My dad came home the other day saying he wanted to turn on Bieber. >.< Turns out it was the slowed down version, I kinda like it. :3 There's a Jonas Brothers one too, found it on youtube. It sounds like it's from a horror movie or something. >.<
  15. When I was four or five I got my ears pierced, but they get infected and we let them close up. I got them pierced again when I was eight, and that's all I have. I'm eventually going to get more in my ears, and I want a lip piercing. I always thought snake bites looked cool, I probably won't get them though.
  16. I'll join this year too~ Can you add up multiple volumes of manga until you get to 500 pages and have them added as one point combined? (if that makes sense )
  17. Awesome band~ My favorite songs (in no particular order) are Firefly, Break My Fall, Sooner or Later, Diary of Jane, Evil Angel, and Dance With the Devil.
  18. Mine's mostly just wheat, but for my mom it's gluten. Gluten free bread is terrible.
  19. Pollen and wheat. I really, really miss grilled cheese sandwiches.
  20. I'm horrible at video games. Eventually I'll finish that Mario Galaxy game (the first one).
  21. My brother saw it in theaters for his birthday, I waited for it to come out on DVD and got it from Netflix. It really wasn't all that great, so I don't expect much from the next one.
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    I don't own any, I read them online or check them out at the library.
  23. I read the first one, and I loved it. I'm trying to get the second one, but the person that originally recommended the books to me, told me that the second one isn't as good. I guess I'll find out. :3
  24. I couldn't do this stuff to save my life. My dad's an IT-Technician though. He works for U.S. Department of Transportation. (I think....)