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    Misheard Lyrics

    I ain't no holla-back, squirrel, I ain't no holla-back, squirrel. Holla-back(dunno how to spell?) Girl, by Gwen Stephanie. Also: Dirty deeds and the thundercheifs. Not even kidding.
  3. I listen to Christian music, but not mainly. As to bands with Christian messages attached to most if not all songs, I listen to the following: Fireflight, Group 1 Crew, Common Man (who is small, and now goes by Magmatic, I believe), Malakai (also little known), Remedy Drive, Sinclair (local), Stellar Kart, Switchfoot. Not huge followers except for Group 1 Crew, and I have a CD or 2 of each. Now bands I listen to who have members as Christians or have an occasional Christian message are: Flyleaf, Creed (who started off Christian, then went mainstream). *sigh* I said Christian wasn't my main, but that's an extensive list. If you haven't noticed, I love music.
  4. Nightwish, Scatman John (R.I.P. ), Creed, Theft, Jimmy Eat World My top 5, in order of how much I like them.
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    That's one of the other new (to me) songs that I heard. It had Bruce Willis. lol he is so epic I liked it of course, cuz it had Bruce Willis cuz it's great music and I just love the style of the videos.
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    I got into Gorillaz a LOOOONG time ago. I was maybe, 8 or 9? My brother, being about 15 at the time, had bought the album Demon Days and proceded to burn another CD of it. He gave it to me and said "Here, listen to this, it's awesome." And I'm like "...EPIC" So I have been hooked on Demon Days ever since. Being that young, I never really followed them after Demon Days. Although all the songs on the album were great. I regret it now, and plan to jump into the Gorillaz after I get some money. I haven't heard too many new songs of theirs, actually. I heard the Plastic Beach song (which the full name escapes me at the moment), and 1 or 2 others. I can't quite remember what they were, but being Gorillaz, they were pretty good. So, yeah, Gorillaz were good, and I suppose they still are. The videos are also epic. Long post is loooong.
  7. To the survival quiz thing: Physical: A Mental: C (surprising to me) Experience: C (which is far better than I hoped) Emotional: F (no surprise there, I'm as soft as a pillow) Overall: Z+. Zombies, meh. While a cool idea for movies and fantasies, there is no reality to the idea. General zombie characteristics are sucky for their survival. Not to mention about everything can be used to kill them. I could kill them with a single paper clip.
  8. Qwackie, how in ANY WAY is Eragon a copy of Star wars? I must admit, it has a slightly similar general plot-line. Boy in surpressed town, happens to be ____, and old dude trains him to be good, the old dude dies, then he finds an even better person to train him, they die. Oh, and there is a small rebel force. But it does have some originality. The dragon-rider thing is sort of original, considering it hasn't *really* been done before. The magic and such is also very original. *on topic mode* I personally say Eragon. Eragon wasn't... written very well, but you have to give credit to Paolini, for he was only 17. It was at least entertaining even if it was badly written. Twilight (*huge sigh*), is just Twilight. Very boring and un-entertaining plot, very dragged out, very stupid, puts a pansy original twist on vampires/werewolves. My main reason why I despise Twilight: Fan girls.
  9. Tetsaiga

    Justin Bieber

    Going through puberty? I had a lower voice than he did at the age of 7, haha. No, seriously, I respect that you like him and everything, and I respect the fact that you don't hate people cuz you like him. To the second quoted one... I'd like to rephrase that statement to be TURE. "I've never heard a 6 year old voice as high as that, have you?" ETA(cuz I forgot): I dislike because of 2 reasons: His music is very un-creative. Every pop artist EVER has done what he has, way before him. Number 2: Fan girls. 'Nuff said. A Number 3(I know I said 2): It's honestly very ridiculous how high his voice is. Very ridiculous.
  10. THAT is win. I've only ever ehard 2 Nightwish songs, including that one, and they are epic. Putting that on my iTunes. No real official video, but this is the clearest version I could find.
  11. <--- Is a tree hugger We aren't too "green". We recycle cans, and I recycle paper at school whenever possible. I'm big on the "save the trees" thing, cuz I love trees .
  12. Well, currently in middle school, so it's not like I'm definitely sure about this. >.> I would like to be a Marine Biologist, or an English professor for a college. These stem from my affinity and undying love for the ocean/aquatic animals, and the fact I hate when people have bad English. Just some thoughts
  13. I have about 400 in my house. They are all circle shaped, and vary in color and size. There is dull blue, dull green, dull red, and dull brown(which is most common). Oh sorry, I call rubber bands "circle shaped sillies" sometimes, lol. /shot I really don't mind them. Don't own any myself, but don't hate them. They aren't too much a fad in my school, most have them, but aren't like "OMGZ I MUST GEET SOME MOOOOREEEE AND TRADE WITH YOU!" I'm thinking about maybe getting one I like?
  14. Tetsaiga

    Katy Perry

    Katy Perry is great. Not to mention she's pretty sexy, too. California Gurls video .
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    I have a very mixed opinion on meat. I believe in farm animals raised FOR their meat. Like cattle, chicken, pigs. But I don't like people going out and killing deer, wild turkey, pheasent, etc. It's like somebody coming into our homes, shooting us, and eating us. So I believe farm animals are ok to eat, while hunted animals are not. ETA: I forgot to say, meat is a staple of a healthy diet. You can live without it, but meat helps build muscle-mass, and keep you healthy.
  16. Tetsaiga

    Justin Bieber

    A little lower? It wouldn't hurt HER in the "no-go-zone". Lol.
  17. Tetsaiga

    Justin Bieber

    I agree with everything said above me. All 3 and a half pages of it. To brighten up everybody's day(it sure did mine a few days ago, and still!!): http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GWPocim9kA4 BOOM HEADSHOT! Spoiler if you didn't watch: I love how he totally fixes his hair before standing up straight again.
  18. My name comes from my past obsession with InuYasha(as many have guessed). I love swords, also.
  19. Tetsaiga

    Your Theme Song

    Sunshine Lollipops And Rainbows. Just kidding, but that's a great song. Real song: Fireworks Explode by Theft or Move Your Feet by JUNIOR SENIOR.
  20. No it doesn't. It states that one cannot live while the other survives. It doesn't even mention Harry. It could've been Neville, or somebody. And it never said the boy had to KILL Voldemort. Somebody else could've. JK Rowling just wanted us to BELIEVE it was only Harry .
  21. Going back to the LOTR topic, Frodo was never really a Chosen One. He didn't have an army at his back, he had Samwise Gamgee. A freaking 4 foot tall gardener. Boromir and Faram ir's dream or whatever, it was only a dream. Not to mention, when Boromir says "One cannot simply walk into Mordor", he was referring to all the ways KNOWN. He did not know about Sheila's lair, therefore, he didn't know you could walk into. In the book, Frodo and Sam have to kill a few orcs, while they also have to hide from some. They almost die from thirst, and expect fully to die. Strokes of luck helped them finish the task. Oh, and they had to depend on Smeagul/Gollum (stinker and slinker as Sam calls him ), who fully wanted them to die. So not so much CO. Sam was just that much of a beast. 4 feet of pure AWESOMESAUCE! On other COs, Eragon, and somewhat Harry Potter. Eragon is just, Gary-Stu. HP, he falls more in the category of "there are about 10 other characters in the series that are 40 times better than he is." Just look at Hermione, DUMBLEDORE(he could've kicked Voldemort's *sensor kips* at any time), Snape, and Sirius. I mean if you escape from an impenetrable prison with NO HELP, you could kill silly Voldy. This is why I love the series "Ranger's Apprentice". The only extraordinary ability(if you could call it that) the main character has is just a little bit above average intelligence and reasoning and will power. And there is no "Evil force bent on destroying the world". Only wars between countries that he HELPS to solve. And keep his country safe. Long post is long.
  22. Uhh, it's ok. Can you just edit Quillava and Bayleef then?
  23. Are you Chuck Norris? Nevermind, he just has to look at the seagulls. Myself, I can also chug a milkshake without brainfreeze.
  24. I have sometimes have the future dreams. Scratch sometimes, it happens like everyday. All the time. I also have ESP, even though I think the idea is a bunch of malarkey. I know exactly what people are thinking sometimes, and I used to be able to carry out conversations with one of my friends without speaking. I have good reflexes, and have quick movements(which is surprising, because I'm bulky). These aren't so much super-powers, but I have extraordinary balance for my weight and build, and I can move silently when I want to.