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    Tjsweepers won a Silver Shimmer.

    IOU rules, (because apparently people need some)

    I will give you the next one caught, bred or turned if i owe you, unless the use of a list is in effect and is negotiated at the time of the IOU, I expect the same in return. If I see you are trading the egg that was IOU'ed to me, I reserve the right to cancel any IOU with you and refrain from dealing with you in the future, again, I expect the same in return.

    This profile belongs to 3 people, and to 3 scrolls

    http://dragcave.net/user/tjsweepers is the main one, and is whom conducts 90% of the forum business.
    http://dragcave.net/user/dalady, is tjsweepers daughter and is to young for her own account.
    http://dragcave.net/user/parnalda is tjsweepers sister in law, who mostly uses the forum to make offers on trades but will sometimes put trades out, but usually she just piggy backs off tjsweepers. ( the mooch lol)

    Neglected Dragons- before you ask me how, please go here.


    tjsweepers likes silvers and magmas

    Dalady likes anything pink, she is 8 and is in her princess faze.

    Parnalda likes lineages, nice, neat, Thuwed, Dorkface, prefers even gens and as long as its pretty and continueable she likes it.

    Sixshot's list
    Moon89- Moonstone, frostbite, falconform

    xxBurningxx- ice (no response x2)
    xyz-Daydream,Pillow, moonstone or silver (no response x2)

    Iou's owed---
    Anna- Project Cb ND (male)
    KaelaBoo24 - Cb ND(female)
    Dracaena Cb ND- save the rares

    Iou's to me---

    Iou's paid---
    Aloha!! 2 cb Summers
    cajthemusicnerd -- 10 CB royal blue
    42-- 2 CB magi
    Puredark006 3 cb ices, 2 GW 1 cb black
    princess_pinkie--6/6 Crimsons, 2/2 CB GWs, 1/1 blue glow
    florapinkamin99--2nd gen silver from m frill
    Agrona --5/5 Ultraviolets 2/2 shallow waters
    Agrona-- 2 of these days new release day 1, day 3 and day 6
    Aqua17 --- 1 of each new release
    Bloodyrose13 -6 (3male 3female) New desert hatchis
    Alisyn -2 new deserts 2new coasts
    42- 20 Mints, Hatched and at ER time
    Sheeana -Gold shimmer
    gummiebear- shimmer ND
    tjken- bronze shimmer x tri horn
    42- 15 hatchis, low time, low stat for zombie-ing
    Amazon_warrior- 15 new Halloweens 15/15
    Pinkgothic- Tin ND OR pick of shimmer ND
    IsmaielDeath- MALE ND
    XxShadowWolf13xX- Any ND
    Sarah864- gift ND
    bokunosekai- ND(Wanted CB, took 2nd gen)
    Zzelabusa- CB-silver
    lainey_lane03 - ND
    LunarMoonlite- giveaway ND-CB
    Pinkgothic- Shimmer ND-unknown
    Shishiro - GGG- Cb ND
    Silverdragonfish- Any ND
    Nicash- EGA-CB ND
    Jazeki-CB ND
    Jazeki- Female or ungendered ND
    ShadowAzure-EGG-sick shinnie
    psyrae-female ND
    purple3485- (set)m,f,u ND
    Varnayrah- Save the rares- ND
    Polaristar- anything she wants
    MiaNi- 3rd gen tin, ridge-wing mate
    CTosh- Cb ND
    xyz- wanted cb, took 3rd gen prize fail ND
    MiaNi- Set of NDs (m, f, u)
    rrattts- 2nd gen shimmer
    lulu163-2nd gen shim
    miro1211- 2nd gen shim
    tecca- 2nd gen shim
    Icy-2nd gen shim
    Riverwillows- 2nd gen shim
    Infinius -10, frostbite/falconiform/spotted greenwing spread.
    ADP- 2nd gen shim
    izuzi0_ 2nd gen shim
    misunderstood dreamer -2nd gen shim
    MasterOfPuppets- 2nd gen shim Silver lunar, Silver, or red
    jessieice-2nd gen shim green xeno
    Whentime- shimmer
    Godzalla- Suprize