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  1. This is my goodbye to people I have met here. If we talked before, may your wishes all come true.
  2. Yes, just an air rifle when I was at summer camps. Shooting targets was fun and I liked it. However I would never shoot an animal.
  3. It is a part of picture I made like 5 years ago. (In fact it was avatar art for Gaia website.) I wanted to use my own work as the DC avatar and didn't have anything better at the time. And I never bothered to change it, to be honest.
  4. "Dream as if you'll live forever. Live as if you'll die today." (James Dean) "I'd rather be hated for who I am, than loved for who I am not." (Kurt Cobain) "The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams." (Eleanor Roosevelt) and for sure: "What doesn't kill you makes you stronger."
  5. Well, I am most likely an asperger, which means there are thousand things I am really afraid of. But what I would call real phobia (the point when I can't control myself): Bees, wasps and hornets - when it's outside, I just start running away, sometimes yelling; when inside, it's hundred times worse, immediatelly leaving the room, yelling, shivering, heart going like crazy and sometimes even crying. Dead insect - I wouldn't touch any dead insect. It grosses me out to the point when I can't control myself. (A friend who chased me with a dead fly for fun once ended up being hit, hurt and I was found curled up in the corner crying.) Dentists - ehm, haven't been there for years. I just can't. (I don't mind other doctors, I don't mind needles, but...) Social gatherings and phone calls (pretty much obvious cause of the aspie thingy). I wouldn't go to ANY social gathering on my own. Getting my sister with me usually helps. (I am invited to my friend's wedding in 2 weeks. Normally I would just find an excuse, even though I know it would make my friend very sad. But having my sister with me (and probably some neurol) I might make it. When I was a kid I was scared of elevators and had claustrophobia. Those got better over time.
  6. Seriously, how am I supposed to submit a picture when all the previously posted shots from you guys are just amazing???
  7. Oh my god! Thank you for the multisort option! Now I am back to sorting my dragons again. Lastalda: I use alternate custom sort and it just works great for me (I use FF)...
  8. And the winner is Chiaki who will host the next contest. Congratulations.
  9. The theme was Colour Orange. Time to vote now. Good luck! * Nimrodel * Lagie * sh20000sh * Chiaki * SickThing * PieMaster * sparkle10184 * Tiga * TehUltimateMage Deadline: Sunday, 24th August 2014
  10. To be honest, I don't really know, PieMaster. Maybe someone who has been around for a long time has a clue?
  11. Chiaki, I would go with the sunset picture, it fits the theme the best. I don't really remember if I have seen it before. =) However it's gorgeous. And thank you all for the sumbissions so far, good job.
  12. I apologize for the delay, I am just really busy with my RL at the moment. The theme for this week is Colour Orange. It can be pretty much anything coloured orange, but the object should be the focus of the picture. The Rules: - One entry per person - Picture has to be made by yourself and can't be just a reproduction of someone's work. If someone else's work is in the picture, there needs to be something extra. - No manipulation besides basic photo adjustments (contrast, exposure, cropping, color balance, lighting, etc.) - No text or framing in the photo. A signature/watermark is just fine, but it's preferable if you don't have "O Hai Eye Hav3 T3XT" (or something similar) present in the photo. - When voting, please don't select your own image. This will ensure fairness. - You are free to submit an old photo; you don't need to take a new one just for this competition. Deadline: Friday, 15th August 2014 Good luck to all! Previous Themes: 1: Beginning anew 2: Simplicity 3: Summer 4: Wildlife 5: Black & White 6: Food 7: Macro 8: Farewell 9: Light and Shadow 10: Urban 11: In the home 12: Travel Photography 13: Pets 14: Red 15: Coupled Animals 16: Clouds 17: Green 18: Water 19: Scenic views 20: Invertebrates 21: Sunrise/Sunset 22: Purple 23: Out of Context 24: Snow 25: Flowers 26: Mountains 27: Old 28: Birds 29: Inanimate Objects 30: New Life 31: Play 32: Road 33: Leaves 34: People 35. Books 36. Statues 37. Nighttime 38. Candy 39: Fruits 40: Reflection 41: Transportation 42: Trees 43: Happiness 44: Communication 45: Youth 46: Colors 47: New Year 48: Music 49: Contrast 50: Pink 51: Spring 52: The first letter of your username 53: Party! 54. White 55. Weather 56: Buildings 57: Union 58: Doors, gates and windows 59: Texture 60: Pairs 61: Your Favourite 62: Mushrooms 63: Happy holidays 64: Treasure 65: Bells 66: Warmth 67: Blue 68: Center 69: Zoo 70: Memories 71: Chitin 72: Garden 73: Silhouette 74: Darkness 75: W 76: Small 77: Silly 78: Toys 79: Three 80: Autumn 81: Yellow 82: Macro 83. Horizon 84. Winter/Christmas 85: Skies 86: Baked Goods 87: Your Hometown 88: Abandoned places 89: F 90: Fears 91: Adventure 92: Detail 93: Illumination 94: Colour Orange
  13. Thank you very much, I will open the next contest asap.
  14. I am not quite sure, will this count? Illumination
  15. It's a part of my picture I drew years ago. I like having a face as avatar without the need to post a photo.
  16. Getting a decent detail is very difficult for me, as I only own a cheap camera (not even a DSLR). However I would still like to try. So if this counts as a detail, it's as close as I can get. Blaze of Glory
  17. Under the Spreading Tree Me and my sister had a nice roadtrip chasing some sunset pictures. We always stopped somewhere and walked around, found some interesting places and took some pictures. However in the end, there was no nice sunset, some huge clouds came and it started to rain. We got wet and before we could take pictures of the amazing clouds, our camera battery died. =D
  18. Voted! Though clicking the Lagie's link gives me this "The requested URL could not be retrieved" error.
  19. Wow, that sounds exactly just like my own room!!! I have never had any mess on the floor, not a single piece of clothes, but all my surfaces are full of pilled up stuff. And just like you, I know where all of my things are, unless I try to clean up. =) AND I don't make my bed and I have the exactly same reason like you. I just have two cages with degus in my room that take up quite a lot of space (+ their food, all different kind of dried veggies and herbs, nuts and seeds LOL).