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  1. The fields have something new too
  2. I`ll make a cave and haunted mansion
  3. i`m not there yet I`m doing them by National Dex Number
  4. I can`t do percentages but I`ll try my best
  5. And when I had Cephalosporin. I had to go the hospital and all these tests and I was healthy except for the allergy attack. My hands and face were swollen.
  6. Now to hatch the numbers are 15, 20, 25, and 40
  7. OK and I`ll change the Name ASAP
  8. Thursday Through Friday how about that
  9. OK will add those when I get to them
  10. Field. But first I have o get I`m currently about add ratatta
  11. How about Saturday Nights Hoothoot is available.