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  1. just Added a tennis ball please vote yes I need the cash
  2. Well I need to make an adoptable but I don`t have the money
  3. I just joined and I`m an artist any tips for getting monies I only have 15
  4. grayson1314


    My egg needs one more click
  5. grayson1314


    http://www.avadopts.x10.mx/user/grayson1314/ My Zoo
  6. http://frilled.myminicity.com/
  7. grayson1314


    It keeps logging me out
  8. grayson1314


    What program did you use because I want to learn how to code
  9. grayson1314


    Quick question: what program do you use to make a website?
  10. Thanks and now can we talk in the forums
  11. Sandshrew and ekans are Tues to Thurs
  12. Event ended. Tell me what you want creatures to be
  13. Weird. Look at the black bar on top in click login if you ween`t doing that already
  14. Cool do you want to talk on the forums?
  15. Maybe I just got a new video game sorry
  16. I just realized my pichu is shiny
  17. I just thought it was a good idea at the I`ll go change it don`t kill me And I`m only 10