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  1. Love the books hated the stupid and terrible movie
  2. grayson1314

    Any Musicians?

    I quit playing the playing piano like 3 years ago
  3. When is it gonna be over?
  4. I love dogs even though I can`t have any since my mom is allergic. So sign me up
  5. I was new and I hated pink so I killed it
  6. I`m 5'2" and I`m 11. I`m the tallest of my grade
  7. It`s missing the other leg and horn
  8. I stopped reading them at the last power of three I got really bored
  9. Can someone line it? They can practice on it Keep it that size
  10. The red/white dragon was someone else`s lines but thanks for the crit
  11. I`m gonna read these books when I`m old enough my older sister loves them
  12. Pretty welll but I don`t see I real light source Can you crit this:
  13. The pattern doesn`t turn with the dragon so it look funny and it looks like you pillow-shaded it
  14. The rear shoulder blades don`t really show in animals: