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  1. Pokemon used: Blastoise and Charizard Base: Blastoise Colors: Mix of both Extra Details: Choose
  2. Your welcome and I can give more tips, I used to be a pokemon forum
  3. It good but save the file as a png it will look much better
  4. I joined as tiger447 . Great site so far Rebs! P.S. I'm making my own adoptable site hopefully to be out in the Fall maybe earlier. Edit: I forgot my leetle army
  5. Best show ever, Perry is beast. I love the episode where the zoo platypus takes Agent P's place and when Perry finally gets in he sees the and is like: wut?
  6. Breeder, all the eggs I have are for lineage projects.
  7. http://dragcave.net/lineage/JM2t His parents gave me another hellfire *facepalm* I want Nebulas!
  8. Two of my moments: 1. I was barfing when I was sick into the toilet and having diarrhea at the same time happened twice on the same day. 2. I twin little brothers who have a lock on their door, so Andrew locks the door for some reason leaving Luke running around the house without pants.
  9. When do you think it's going back up?
  10. I like my Electric Egg's code H7iB Hi iB
  11. grayson1314

    Hell's Gate

    I'm defiantly doing this
  12. I might have it, like when I close my eyes I see a color that some how relates to my thoughts. And the colors like dance around. Also when my eyes are open different sounds or music make an image in my head
  13. I hate it , I feel terrible. I get hayfever before the flowers get out.
  14. It`s in a book so I can`t
  15. Scratch using an emu pic for referance
  16. I own it. I love it though I prefer his writing when it`s in a characters voice like Percy Jackson