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  1. Have a blue male CB Alceldine, want a female Make an offer on my eggs/hatchlings!
  2. Make an offer on my eggs/hatchlings! I have a paper egg, and am looking for a preferably CB chill/Rift egg. Gone! Thanks
  3. Okay, I am loving this halloween event so far. Potatoes are hilarious.
  4. Full list as one image List complete! Still going to send and would enjoy receiving, and thank you everyone! Thank you everyone! This is fun. Also, idk if anyone else cares about backgrounds, but I like the hexagons and herringbone ones. Let me know if you care and I'll use the background you want.
  5. Thank you! @HeatherMarie I have some of your missings, still trying to get all the flowers collected even for sending.
  6. A little late to this party, but sending out! And I'd love to have a list, but I'm not finding the list - does anyone have the image of all the flowers without any crossed out? Scroll name is the same as my user name.
  7. Ahhh, I just noticed this! I don't come on the main site often enough, clearly. Glad to see one of them found a good home, @TheDragoness
  8. Thank you! That is what ended up working.
  9. I can't get the pieces to rotate? Right click just brings up something about inspecting an element. Nevermind, working now. ^^;;
  10. I'm starting to get cracks on my babies! (And have been avoiding images like crazy) So excited to see how they'll turn out. <3
  11. I just hope I can actually get more than the one. Life has been a mess lately and I lost all of last release just from forgetting to get them in a viewer. -.-
  12. Appear to have missed this one entirely. :/ Time to start stalking the biomes. -.- ETA: I was wrong I got one! \o/
  13. Excellent! Thanks TJ, now I can make my dragons stay in exactly the order I like: showing the stages of growth. <333
  14. Oh yes, for the birthday celebration this year - it should be mentioned in that post? But really, I only have one pair each of the elemental dragons, because 1 male, 1 female, 1 hatchling of each stage is how I like my dragons? And I still summoned one. I was so excited! But I worried about losing it view-bombing, so I only mentioned it to some close friends and only put it on one site and fogged it every time I had to be away. ^^;;;
  15. Wow, almost missed the release day and still managed to get my eggs! Thanks, TJ. And also thanks for the change to summoning ratios, I finally have my first GoN and am working on breeding her.
  16. Yay back up and my egg is okay! I can go to work happy
  17. Down for me too, and I had my very first Guardian of Nature I wanted to check on. Edit - in case it is somehow useful, I'm also in Florida.
  18. Noooo! I can't try to summon again for 3 days! D: This seems awesome though. And someday when I have a successful summons I will go nuts. Something to do between other releases. Thanks, TJ! <3
  19. Don't worry, you're not alone. *sigh* 3 so far - but there's plenty of time yet.
  20. Everyone's forts are so pretty! I'm thinking I might still edit mine, but here's what I have so far : http://dragcave.net/holidays13_fort/spoke_spider
  21. I reached level 25! \o/ ...and my fort is destroyed. o.o I'll have to try repairing and getting some building done in the morning, I guess - not enough snow for it now. But level 25!
  22. Hit me with it!!! Scroll name: spoke_spider
  23. Yes! I had been enjoying trying to build the fort, until I saw prettier things show up and realized it probably wasn't worth it to build too much yet - and at least now I know what level to get before getting serious at building. So many pretty things in other people's forts! *.*
  24. Thank you! For the link and the attack.
  25. Wait, getting attacked actually helps you level your fort? :|a ..in that case, hit me!