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  1. Hit me with it!!! Scroll name: Matmetchi Gotcha! Scroll name: Matmetchi Threw a snow-ball at: Heimdal, Alayajoy i've literally hit 10 people and i've only been hit twice pls help i return hits??
  2. Hit me with it!!! Scroll name: Matmetchi Gotcha! Scroll name: Matmetchi Threw a snow-ball at: Shinypants, SlowHornpipe172, Spexdragx, Zaverxi, Saltpath, goblynn, tasselcat, konsul, AwesoMan3000
  3. Hit me with it!!! Scroll name: Matmetchi hnngh i've only been hit a total of like 5 times pls help friends ;___;
  4. Gotcha! Scroll name: Matmetchi Threw a snow-ball at: TheAkatsuki Gotcha! Scroll name: Matmetchi Threw a snow-ball at: TheAkatsuki
  5. Hit me with it!!! Scroll name: Matmetchi i'll pelt back with force (; Gotcha! Scroll name: Matmetchi Threw a snow-ball at: zoreta + Tigacat
  6. Gotcha! Scroll name: Matmetchi Threw a snow-ball at: Nekozu + Raikielia
  7. Hit me with it!!! Scroll name: Matmetchi i'll return those who throw at me as soon as i can. ;v;
  8. hello! uvu i hope you won't mind me giving you a little bit of friendly criticism as i read your story! i'll jump right into it. i liked the idea of having a poem to encompass the first part. it felt a little choppy in some parts though because of the length of the lines. the first two had a nice feel to it, a long and then a short, but it was broken up quickly and then half way down went from short and worked it's way to long again. a little more structure would be nice. your words were very descriptive though, which is always refreshing to see. though, near the end, it said there was regret in their heart yet it was an easy thing to do? if you meant the 'it being easy' in the context of their break up or parting, it sounds a little contradictory. if the break up/separation was truly easy, i don't think they would have many regrets. maybe a better word choice to clarify what you meant would be helpful. i'd like to hear your ideas on this and then i'll move onto the prologue and give you my feedback on that if you're still interested. ^u^
  9. my school library closes at the end of the week so i'm currently devouring 'Game' by Barry Lyga it's the sequel to 'I Hunt Killers' which is a really lame title for a really awesome book about this teen who's dad was a notorious serial killer and raised him to be his successor and taught him everything to know about killing but then got caught. jazz, protagonist, then struggles in the aftermath of trying to decide for himself between good and evil. would definitely recommend ya'll
  10. Matmetchi

    Your Theme Song

    ohhh my goooodness i love this french song called it's just really upbeat and 70's sounding and carefree i like to think of it as my theme song uvu it's more of the feel of the song that fits me rather than the words, which is mostly about kissing haha
  11. i can't believe how long it's been since this thread was posted on. New Leaf is coming out so soon!! is anyone excited for it and is planning to get it? ovo i don't have a 3DS at the moment but i can admire it from afar ahah.... u_u
  12. ah hey i'll post some silly selfies too i've decided dis me dis the real me
  13. i've done this weird thing a couple of times before where i'll be drifting off to sleep and suddenly i'll start hearing weird moaning that sounds like someone's in pain. i'll think 'who the heck is making those strange sounds'. i'll start waking up a little more and then realize it was me... kind of creepy actually and it didn't feel like any noise was coming out of my mouth.
  14. name - 10/10 really cute oh my goodness and it rhymes avatar - 9/10 simple and pretty signature - 8/10 a little cluttered because of all the different styles but you have some cool gifs!
  15. i'm going to be there's going to be some The Fault In Our Stars quotes already on this thread but i'll go through the pages a little later to see what other people thoughts was cool here are the only two that i can think of right now 'That's the thing about pain. It demands to be felt.' -John Green (The Fault In Our Stars) 'To die would be an awfully big adventure.' J.M Barrie (Peter Pan)
  16. lacigreen (amazing educational goddess person golly gee look at me) hartbeat (they have a wonderful sense of humour and brush off bad comments easily! i admire them.) hotbananastud (my favorite guy on the planet maybe. maaaayyybbeee) BJamesThompson (also very hilarious and great guy) GhostRobo (this guys so sweet to his subscribers! one of my favorite gameplay channels) ;//u//; discosean21 (weird, quirky, and funny. never know what to expect from this guy) FLuffeeTalks (gosh he makes me clutch my sides but sometimes his jokes are a little insensitive) HowToBasics (no comment. just watch) quietexperiment (ASMR videos, basically relaxing sounds that are veryyyy nice uvu)
  17. i didn't really realize it until my friend pointed it out but i love the cute & creepy mix u//v//u especially when they're mixed together in one character, like yanderes!! the philosphical type/sombre type also interest me because they're able to dissect the characters, their own selves and plot, and make me think a little deeper.
  18. i've tried to watch dubs before but a lot of the time i visibly cringed at the voicing, which i'm really picky about i prefer subs and japanese names personally, but with ghibli movies i find they do a really great job casting english voices so i don't mind watching those in english.
  19. i've noticed that death note and bleach have been on nearly everyones lists??? funny world huh i like the cute & creepy mix i've found u////u shugo chara has been my long time favorite for magical girl animes mirai nikki is really amazing too wow it's like a tie mitsudomoe has a lot of ecchi but for humor it's got my back oh my goodness i had to pause a ton just to laugh also lately i've gotten back into sailor moon?? like the animation and the story line are wonky but they had 90's technology so you can't really blame the, and it makes it more endearing that way, nostalgic, ya know? and also it proves that girls can be feminine and still kick butt when it's needed, and also accept help but male protagonists too when it's needed. good morals and a classic. ouo
  20. haha i'm an old homestuck and i've kind of moved past that whole bucket jokes thing but i remember laughing about those too at one point by the way, has anyone broached the large and immense topic of shipping yet?? i write a lot of homestuck fanfiction on my tumblr and ahh i love a lot of rare pairs/crack ships. u_u p.s the hiatus is killing me slowly. did homestuck ever really happen? am i the boy in the bedroom on my 13th birthday? i am beginning to realize i don't know anymore.
  21. hi there. don't want to sound rude but 'i'm not good at that' sounds like an excuse to me. how can you get rid of negative thoughts if you don't think of positive thoughts?? it's pretty impossible to think of nothing, and our thoughts are what shape us and our attitude and how we come off to others. it's a very important part of our psyche. negative thoughts are poisonous and pollute our thinking and weigh us down. for thinking you're a failure, it's a simple matter of learning to forgive yourself and realize your own worth. when you do something not quite up to par with how you wanted to do it, take a deep breath and try to talk to yourself inside your head in a way that you imagine a friend would toward you in your situation, or you would talk to a friend if they had the same problem. things like, 'i didn't get much sleep last night and i'm totally unfocused today because of it. that's why i did badly on my test. i can't change that test mark, but i can change the next one by going to bed earlier.' or if you do badly at something, 'alright i saw that i shot my arrow too much to the left. no one was watching me and if anyone was they'll forget by tomorrow anyway. no need to be hard on myself. i'll just concentrate a little harder and aim more to my right. i know i can do this, and if i can't right away, i can learn.' the gist of the trick is having your internalized critic turn into your friend instead of an enemy. i'd love to hear if this works for you or if anyone else has some advice!! good luck and remember that you're worth something. not one person in this world has all bad traits, and not one person in this world has all good traits.
  22. dang i don't have the patience or time right now to read through all the intro stuff but it looks cool and i'll check back with it later (can anyone summarize it for me maybe??) apparently i am Apr 24: The Day of Dusknoir in the Reign of Giratina, Season of Fire eh not a particularly big fan of dusknoir but he's creepy and that makes him a-okay in my books
  23. Matmetchi


    the gameplay itself is pretty basic and also kind of pointless (SPOILER i guess idk: winning the game doesn't mean anything. you just have the satisfaction of having collected the notes and then walking around until slender finds you /SPOILER) and for me it wasn't very scary but still, it serves its purpose and is entertaining, especially when done at night with company over. i think the scariest part of it is turning around when you hit a fence and the music. nice ambience i have to say. i'd recommend it to people new to horror games, indie games, or creepy pastas. it's also funny seeing people who genuinely think that slender is where slenderman originated from?? hahaha
  24. aw thank you. this thread has definitely gotten me pumped to start this breeding project. i've decided on the pairs for the districts, the types of dragons i'll be using (i kind of did this silly thing where i matched them to their personality ahh it sounds kinda nerdy i know), and i found that all i'm missing are two CB's (they're pretty common too i'm surprised i didn't have them ) i guess i'll be doin some cave hunting tonight btw i'm surprised more people haven't participated in this. it's a very original idea. props goes to you for thinking of it! ovo
  25. Forum Name: Matmetchi i'm really excited. i've been itching to do this for a while but i didn't have any good ideas for the tributes that inspired me but now that i've gotten into dangan ronpa i'm going to make a DC lineage with their names and it'll sort of add to the fact that the game is a murder mystery!! *races off to harvest some tributes*