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  1. i'm not really crazy on any of the christmas dragons haha. but my favorites would be : 1. yulebuck 2. ribbon dancer 3. holly 3. snow angel 4. wrapping wing 5. solstice 6. winter magi (the body looks so bulky and awkward :c)
  2. hey, there seems to be duplicate of this thread? could you delete it please...?
  3. whaaat is the rp already going on soemwhere..? i just posted on the actual thread and i was the first.
  4. that sounds pretty good! i guess the nights would be divided into a certain number of posts? this is actually starting to be interesting!!! let me know when you have a new thread up c:
  5. super happy to get http://dragcave.net/lineage/7J6Nu this holly thuwed! with 181 people in the AP, i was surprised it was so easy to snag!
  6. definitely have a good one, Aamaranthine. i guess you're quitting for good? always sad to see someone good, but any reason you have is a valid one.
  7. @Raptor of Dragons: are you talking about the living tombstone one? like the "you only got five night's at freeeeddys"??? that one?? i have it stuck in my head too haha but i think the voice singing the lyrics sounds really auto tone. and i do have a few more questions...! will there still be a plot even if it's like an actual Five Nights at Freddy's? and also we should sort out god mod things like do the animatronics have to let the security guard win? do we post like "CHICA SHOWS UP AT YOUR DOOR" and then wait for the security guard to go like "HE CLOSES THE DOOR REALLY FAST. PHEW"
  8. lmao the only dc threads that are posted in actively where people interact with each other seem to be in the forum games or roleplay section???
  9. *bites napkin jealously that mangle is taken* enjoy your roleplay guys! sounds like fun ♥ edit; aww shucks i should just join. sign me up for toy chica!
  10. OOOOH SHOOT I TOTALLY THOGUHT I PUT OLD PINKS!! so sorry ;___; that was definitely a hiccup on my part.
  11. um well it's kinda predetermined for me! Old pinks are all female so it would have to be paired with male CB Almandines! thanks for the interest. ♥
  12. is anybody able to breed a CB pink x a CB Almandine? i have a really gorgeous lineage in mind but i was hoping to make it 4G!! in exchange i can try to help with projects or offer you one of my EG lines!
  13. i have 96 vampires WHOOPS. i didn't mean to hoard them but they were pretty funny to create :c i also have a bit of a pygmy hoard starting at around 30 of them, since they're one of my favorites. i'm debating to hoard some of my other favorites now too!
  14. DID I HEAR FROZEN AND TREASURE PLANET????? YES. also hey everyone i am but a lil newb at KH. my boyfriend is and was a huuuuge fan and so i'm slowly playing them all in order of release. i'm finished KH 1 + working on KH: Recom so far~
  15. oh my gosh! jsut caught a gendered CB thunder hatchling from the AP! and i even hesitated!!! it's a female ;v; i'm very happy
  16. http://dragcave.net/lineage/E1kJ4 it's a stairstep atm and i'm able to carry it on. is RA + Kaimelar that a rare line of shimmers? i don't have a CB RA to continue it on, unfortantely.
  17. ah! how interesting!! after shimmers came onto the scene i went onto a hiatus for a very long time and it's funny to think that all that was going on and i had no idea haha. thanks for taking the time to inform me, it's much appreciated. was that one person who didn't like the idea someone with a lot of power like an artist or owner of a CB raffle?
  18. ahah i'm definitely going for green. thanks, though! that would've been crazy if it was alt.
  19. sorry, i meant the original first generation tinsels that were made to breed the other generations. since they're deceased, you can't really tell if the offspring are all related or not ; ~; that's why i was wondering!! and thanks for the info ♥
  20. sorry, i'm a little unknowledgeable about these things but are the founding pairs inbred? or are there multiple 1G silver tinsels that have been killed? also would i be able to distribute offspring from this lineage x http://dragcave.net/lineage/QYWPV this tinsel in this thread? or only silver tinsel with a dead first generation?
  21. ahh would anybody be able to breed me just 1 CB Frill father x CB Undine mother? i'm really close to being able to make a 4G EG! let me know if you'd like me to breed you something or want an offspring from this one! edit; thank you all for helping me!!!
  22. headphones just for personal reasons. all earbuds i've used have made my ear hurt, fall out, and give me pimples :/
  23. Matmetchi

    John Green

    dislike him because of his strange elitist attitude towards nerds?? and how he repeatedly describes popular people as soul less zombies in his novels? and similar to you, TFIOS was like *raspberry noises*. i know a lot of people would disagree with me, but i definitely thought it romanticized cancer? i know of one person who had a friend that wanted to have cancer after watching the movie so she could have a thrilling love story.... u___U smh. and augustus' pretentiousness was not well played at all, and was only poked fun of a few select times in the novel. the i've read looking for alaska, TFIOS (and seen it too), and probably something else i wish i didn't haha. if you didn't like TFIOS, you might enjoy another humorous book called Me, Earl, and the Dying Girl. c: