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  1. i gotta study for finals they're coming up in 2-4 days, and i've got english + biology to study for!
  2. to enjoy them you just had to getcha, getcha head in the game, getcha, getcha, getcha head in the game
  3. league of legends, minecraft, rune factory, tamagotchis!
  4. request is anyone able to breed me an old pink x orange xenowyrm? genders of parents doesn't really matter, and i don't mind what the outcome is (pink or xenowyrm)! i don't have another CB xeno to breed a mate for this little guy: https://dragcave.net/lineage/CIN1v please PM me!
  5. haha i signed up for this years ago! glad i'm still listed as a member. just an update that i'm finally continuing my dangan ronpa hunger games lineage after a long hiatus i had lots of breeding rejections and even some perma rejections before, so i got a bit discouraged and confused since i haven't done a lot of breeding projects before.
  6. i just finished reading "when breathe becomes air", really good and philosophical! and now i'm starting "the handmaid's tale" which has been said to be similar to 1984
  7. gonna send to a couple people above me will return any cards i get! scroll+ forum name is the same
  8. that chemistry + physics final life for the next 2 weeks
  9. i'm back to the 2002 first avril lavigne album on spotify and i regret nothing
  10. just finished lolita - nabokov. very heavy stuff but i felt like i was at the right time in my life/maturity that i can appreciate the author's intentions in writing the story now i'm just reading a nonfiction book on dzogchen buddhism.
  11. haha i can't believe there wasn't a thread for this already? league is huge! i'm a sup main then mid secondary i really really love sona. hnasndan anyone seen zoe? she is... so cute! and quite op just off the bat with the passive/w? like multi flashes seem really hard to outplay lol
  12. aaaaaa thank you for making this thread haven't watched s2 only s1 so of course i'm biased towards muse. nico is ultimate fave, rin close 2nd, then hanayo is also greatly appreciated. rin's voice is my fave and i can't rlly get behind maki or eli's voice they sound quite similar and i find them nasally? and maki in general just seems a little too generic in a tsundere way for me to like at all. i don't rlly have a fave song but at this point i only play master/expert. if anyone wants to add me i'm peachblood on the na game!
  13. ...hello!!!! does anyone have a male cb pink they could breed with a cb female pink pyralsprite they could breed for me so i could have a partner for http://dragcave.net/lineage/DvJya i dont mind what egg it turns into...!! thank you.. edit; Eos helped me! thank you :>
  14. i just came off a loooong hiatus and i caught a CB xeno :> it seems like one of the more rare ones too? and i just caught this lil dudE!!! http://dragcave.net/lineage/8yFHL
  15. naming your dragons makes it seem a little personal but i don't understand how it makes lineages look bad or affects anything other than aesthetic preference haha. i name all my dragons because it's fun, and i'm to see that after all my hiatuses i'm still on this list!
  16. i've been dating someone long distance online for about 1 1/2 years and i've been really happy so far overall! i think it really tests your trust and communication skills, but also puts some strain on the relationship. you aren't there to get physical affection which can be a deal breaker for some people, and you do miss out on a large chunk of their life. @Walker: things i've done with my datemate is watch movies, watch shows, watch our favorite youtubers, stream myself or watch them play games, stream myself or watch them draw, LOTS of voice and video chats, if you both have mobile devices try installing Couple which is an app that's for couples and has cute features like thumb kissing, drawing together on one canvas, a chat and list section, a memory sections of all the voice clips, video clips, and pictures you've taken with the app. it can be a lot of fun!
  17. i got minecraft last christmas from my bro and decided i would revive it again this year around the same time with my boyfriend! i got a server set up so i could play with a few friends (if anyone wants to learn how i can link you to a great tutorial that takes about 20 mins to do). i'll be posting some pics of the house we made later! i'm super proud of it. underneath of our house we just happened to find a HUGE cave that goes under the near by ocean and all the surrounding openings to caves we've explored have eventually led back to the cave under our house! i also have little to no knowledge of minecraft yet haha. i keep finding villager zombies in the caves but i can't find any village near our house? all i have going are super simple wheat, tree, cow, and chicken farm going on that's helping us survive and is going well. can anyone link me to some ressources that might be able to tell me a bit more about the game in general??? i've been watching "how to survive and thrive" on youtube but that's about as far as my knowledge goes.
  18. ahaha... just bred an avatar of creation when i didn't realize i was egg locked. i hope someone else enjoys it, but darn > ~ <
  19. finally a christmas dragon i really like!!! it looks gorgeous, and i love the green coloring ♥ thanks for a great year everybody.