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  1. my farther round + my initial set up (as i remember it)! gonna go with the set up ppl had from pg 40 of this thread next since it's gone into the +600
  2. yooo this is almost my exact same strat (soulpeace + same front and 2nd row) (but i think yours is better with all the thunders) and i'm at 200+ right now
  3. it's just a lil chubby wubby and i love it
  4. slightly tweaked my set up again and it's actually going a lot further! lost 3 dragons total so far (1 purple from 2nd row and 2 greens from the first) but going strong otherwise. new record for me!
  5. aight not the best set up but got semi-far
  6. ummm i got a GON and i don't have any ice dragons on my board? interesting
  7. just for funsies i'm gonna be sharing how far i get with my set ups. previous best (was a crappier iteration of current) was 120!
  8. yooo round 116 reached with whites + a pink + row of greens. just unlocked purples so gonna be fun! :^)
  9. this event is really surprising me with how fun it is! really intrigued by how everyone is going mega strategic on this and on my first try i got to round 33 just throwing dragons around lol
  10. uhh so in the halloween event, when we hit "survive" is nothing supposed to happen? i just get the option to start over and a pic of my set up
  11. i actually got the homework and studying done tonight that i needed to get out of the way, so just going to bed!
  12. once i remember i got a CB gold and i let it die by accident by not adding it to hatcheries before it timed out ahah
  13. since i'm nearly always busy with uni what i do is go to a biome, grab the first 8 eggs i see (i've gotten some rares like this lol) then let them age and pop them in fansites to hatch em. pretty simple and gets me a lot of CB commons which isn't the worst thing since i can increase my drag count or trade the hatchies for something better
  14. I Pledge Loyalty to the Sky Clan Name: Matmetchi Link to Scroll: https://dragcave.net/user/Matmetchi I'd like to be placed on the Wait List for a Heavenly Line Egg Name: Matmetchi Clan I belong to: Sky
  15. summer's coming up where i have a lot more freetime and i'm almost unsure if i want to get back into minecraft because i get obsessed lol. the underwater update looks really fun! especially the turtles
  16. finally a break!!!!! i feel like such an adult because i'm excited to clean my work space/room
  17. the dusk variations actually peaks my interest! i also really like magelight and misfits, maybe i'll create a 5th gen with 4 g wyrm x misfit and 4g wyrm x magelight?
  18. i prefer not to have an app take up space on my phone, and it works just as well on mobile internet so i don't really see a point, sorry maybe you can give some reasons why you think it would be better to have an app specifically?
  19. i love planting flowers too! so many people appreciate the vegetables and other goodies they can get from gardening, but i've always appreciated a pretty sight and smell myself. not to mention helping the bees pollinate the rest of the garden or neighborhood
  20. dwnaenane last exam is on monday. immediately after i'm taking a bus to a big city with all my friends to celebrate my birthday and being done with exams, but darn is it hard to put your mind to studying!
  21. i'm surprised all other x combinations were taken! i didn't know they were in demand lol
  22. black capped, khusa, olive, pyralsprite, sweetling, pumpkin! i really like fall colors hehe