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VOTE FOR MY AVATAR? ha3.png I take breeding requests . . . Wishlist in Profile[/size]I Love IOUs2ihtbn9.jpg

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    .....I OFFER & ACCEPT IOUs!!!

    * Neglected
    * 2G - 3G Tinsel (If not 2G, ***See Next List)
    * 2G - 4G Shimmerscale (If not 2G, ***See Next List)
    * CB / 2G Gold or Silver
    * CB Blusang Lindwurm
    - CB green Copper
    - CB female orange Copper (or egg)
    - CB red (female) Nebula
    - CB male Tri-Horn Wyvern (or egg0
    - pretty 3G & 4G metals (***See Next List)
    - 2G HATCHIES of the following: Ultraviolet, Soulpeace, Hellhorse
    - Red HATCHIES (any lineage/gender)
    - Pretty and/or Rare Offers (hatchies generally preferred) I'm a sucker for EG checkers.
    - CB red or green Nebula hatchies
    - low gen non-messy Alt Vine
    - 2G Gold from holiday other than 09 valentine (I need one from each holiday) gold must be egg or hatchie of same gender as gold parent (I may also accept the 3G offspring of 2 such 2G golds)
    - CB egg or female hatchie with a Gundam Wing code (preferably one that would look nice with a Grey mate)

    I use the Decline feature for trade offers I don't want. If I have not Declined your offer, it means I'm still considering it.

    To hopefully avoid being offered lineages I can't continue (I can still use Even Gens for mixed lineages, or freeze them for the sprites), here is the list of
    * Holly
    * Yulebuck
    * Tinsel
    * Shimmer-scale
    * Valentine 09
    * Arsani
    * female Pumpkin
    * Shadow Walker
    * Cavern Lurker
    * Bright "old" Pink
    * male Frilled
    - Blusang Lindwurm
    - green Copper
    - female orange Copper
    - red (female) Nebula
    - male Tri-Horn Wyvern

    MY EG CHECKER BREEDING PROJECTS (PM me if you'd like to help or request offspring):
    - m Speckle-Throated x f Stone ("specklestone")
    - m Black Tea x f Deepsea ("deeptea")
    - Ice x Stone ("coldstone")
    - Magma x Red ("hotlava")
    ~ list incomplete ~