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  1. and if you use earthquake and it fails then you have one less egg slot for 24 hours
  2. :/ Well I HAD two eggs of Day 1, Day 2, and Day 3... but someone did something to them yesterday and I had to fog them because the Day 3s got sick. And now they are dead. Wasted my Incubating and Influencing on them. Hopefully I'll be able to breed the Day 4 dragon and find the Day 3 randomly floating in the Abandon area. :/ *sad snuggles* EDIT: only had two chances to breed the Day 4 dragon... ended up with two Horses instead :/ And caught a wild Horse too.
  3. I decided to do an 'Underwater' themed Gingerbread House... I think I kinda went a little overboard with the 'seaweed' but anyways... http://dragcave.net/holidays12_house/Corindia Enjoy.
  4. Yes just wanted to add that myself and my family love the Heartseekers and can't wait for them to grow up so we can figure out potential mates for them. Truly an awesome sprite. Thank you LadyLyzar! *huggles*
  5. Please don't have seizures whether they are happy or not. Some people around here actually have that medical condition and it is uncomfortable for them to read about someone having a 'happy' one. That's all I am going to say. Thank you. *hugs* In other thoughts/news/whatever... I noticed that the cave is now back up and running faster than lightning!! TJ did you grease the cave??? My dragons are slipping and sliding everywhere and my fingers keep falling off the keyboard because the forums are so fast!!! That was an awesome update to the server. *huggles* Cori
  6. Hmmm... I just noticed that two of the new dragons appear to only have one gender. (Yes I'm behind and yes I haven't read all 56 pages.) In other news I JUST now was able to catch my first new tiny egg. It is a Pearly. I can't wait til TJ's grow up! Cori
  7. I finally finished about 30 minutes ago. As for the Phantom of the Opera... I'm guessing that is the one with piano keys on it and a rose in front of it. I think. 2nd Column, 5th row down
  8. Wow! That has got to be the longest hour ever! Thankfully I don't need to worry about anyone until tomorrow about this time, and even then I don't REALLY need to be worried about them because they will only be hitting the 4D mark. Hope everything is up and running again soon! Cori
  9. Awesome new eggs! And just so I catch up with everyone... the Black Stripe is only breedable like the Blue, Red, and Green right? There's no such thing as a CB Black Stripe right? Yeah... its late for me. Cori
  10. Voting is now over. Aww... well it was fun and I did see some of the themed ones.... I think.
  11. Thanks dragonlady that helped! I finally see new trees. And well that totally explains why I don't see my tree then.
  12. For the past couple of days I've noticed I'm seeing the exact same trees when I'm trying to vote. And I know they are the exact trees cause they are 'unique'. Is there a bug going on? And I haven't seen mine yet. :/ Edit: Read back a few pages and saw the reason why I probably haven't seen mine yet. But still wondering about seeing the trees multiple times. That's weird. I thought we only voted on each tree once?? O_O
  13. Whooo hoo!! The first set of updates!! And it has the Scroll thingy!!! *huggles TJ silly* Just one quick question... I thought we were going to be able to decide how many dragons went on each page. (Ex. Put all your dragons in lineage 1 on page 2, all your dragons in lineage 2 on page 3, etc) *shrugs* Whatever, this still helps tremendously!!! And now I can rename a couple of misnamed dragons... guys that don't want to be female anymore, and females that don't want to be males anymore.
  14. *squeals and kisses TJ senseless* Thank you!!! I've been hoping for some of those new Features like Teleport. And all the other stuff sounds awesome!! I can't wait (but I will obviously) until they are released!! And the biomes... does that mean we get awesome new locations to see?!! Oh I can't wait! Nah... not a bit excited.
  15. Oddly enough I didn't get any response yet except for one person who JUST now wrote me. So they are still available. And I'm opening it to more people who might have only one or two. Cori
  16. Okay not sure where to post this and I was going to mention this in DCtrades chat but there is no chat right now. :/ Anyway, this will be painful for my inbox I'm sure but I'm taking the first three people who want a Pumpkin and don't have one yet. *posts and hides from the deluge* Cori
  17. Thank you TJ. It was weird going to the cave and seeing it say BRB. It was like it had gone off to answer the phone or something and would be right back to play. Anyway, I'm rambling and its late for me. Glad to see its back and nothing was lost.
  18. Congrats new mods. Have FUN modding! Or else!! O_O *hides under dragons*
  19. Thank you for the Progeny tool TJ! It is awesome.
  20. Oh they look gorgeous! Can't wait to not be locked so I can get some!
  21. I was just thinking the same thing! That would be cool... but what would the possible dragon be called?? Mommy Day Dragon? Oh! And Mother's Day is the only day of the year it doesn't breed because it is taking a well deserved rest... you give it chocolates/cards/etc on Mother's Day and it turns from its regular everyday frazzled look into a normal very beautiful resting dragon... but the calm rested look only lasts for one day (24 hours) then it changes back into its frazzled overworked and tired look... Course just thought of something else... is Mother's Day celebrated all over t
  22. Thank you TJ for letting us keep our Easter baskets in such a cool way and for the new trophies.... I'm really hoping there will be more trophies or cool little baskets or other tiny things for us to collect in the future. Thank you nepherim for the cool fairy? dragons to use on the trophies! They are sooooo cute! I wish they could have been used for regular dragons. I want to collect them now!
  23. Oh yeah... just realized I'm hunting for eggs both here and in Unicreatures! But that egg hunt is going to last a little longer than this one so I'm concentrating on this one more. BTW... as has been previously mentioned by others.... THANK YOU to TJ and all the wonderful spriters for this special event.
  24. Only halfway there... x.x But at least I have all day tomorrow too. By my calculations it should take me.... 228 minutes or 3.8 hours to complete my basket... I think... x.x I'm horrible with math!
  25. So we get to eat them later?