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    Final Fantasy

    Tactics was good for its game play as it was the first of the strategy/rpg games in the series. Also the plot was excellent.
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    Final Fantasy

    the original releases for the SNES of 4,5,6 are the japanese versions of 1,2,3 I have played every single Final Fantasy except for Crystal Chronicles and FFXII Wings of the Pegasus. 2/5 was really good for its idea that you could switch "jobs" (classes) for any character at any time except in combat 7 is by far my favorite because all the games have they fun factor but 7 took it to a whole new level, it is the only game that ever brought a tear to my eye (still does every time i hear Aerith's theme), and i prefer the materia system to any other so far. I wasn't to fond VIII because i didn't like the fact that you had to "steal" magic and then not use it so you can improve your weapons/armor. also the whole limit break being completely random was kind of a put off. 9 was really good, i miss my copy of that 10 was ok except for what the enemy was named 10-2 was ok 11 is online only and really boring, you have to be a minimum level of 6 which takes awhile to get to in order even beat the first mission and then level 10 for the next one which corresponds to hours upon hours of eventless grinding. 12 - had a revolutionary system in that you could custom coat each character towards a unique job. plus as a benefit it was a continuation of FF Tactics Advanced and a prequel to FF Tactics (for PS1) which takes place long after either game when all the races except for human and chocobo are extinct
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    For all those that miss the fun and excitement of breeding and racing chocobos, all is not lost. Until recently if you didn't keep your hard copy of your old FFVII discs then you had to be hard pressed to find a copy under $100 on the open market for used. Recently Sony in their infinite wisdom *bows before the VG gods* has placed FFVII for download on the Play Station network for $10. Yes you have to have a PS3 (i already had one) and yes it takes a LONG time to download but its worth it as its the full version of the game and you can breed the yellow birds once more
  4. I was just wondering how many people here enjoy the final fantasy series. If so which one is your favorite?