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  1. I am a mathematician and an artists. So essentially, I'm just confused. I think in pictures and words and feelings. When I draw, I actually think more in feelings than visual although I do both. It is more of an instinct that this is right and this is wrong. I am a very technical kind of artist. The important things to me are things like getting the structure, the weight, the feeling and the motion correctly. I think in those terms instead of a plain image, if that makes sense at all? Day to day I think a lot in words if it's just a simple task. If I want to do something, I tend to think 'I'm going to go do X'. I also think often in pictures. My dreams are mostly 3rd person and like watching a movie. I can stop at any point in the day and essentially start up a movie in my head. Abstract ideas are usually not put into words, but are rather a feeling of a sort.
  2. Oh wow, those are stunning! Great artwork on these guys!
  3. They're all great! I am really loving the shallow water ones though. So cute!
  4. I wonder what the difference between the three green sprites is...
  5. I have a nearly 7 year old female mosaic chinchilla at the moment. Her name is Scout. Here she is with Bernard, one of the papillons: Find the Scout: We also have 5 dogs, 3 horses, and some fish. My favorite fish is a giant male betta named Monstro.
  6. Ok so the gold trophy glitch isn't just me, lol.
  7. Rabs

    Final Fantasy

    That's where I am too. Been leveling up like crazy now that Im finally able to lol.
  8. Rabs

    Final Fantasy

    My favorite? XII, then probably VII, then VIII. I've played VII, VIII, IX, X, XII, and most the way through XIII. God I did not realize I was that bad, lol! Like VII, VIII, and IX. X... love the battle system, want to shoot the characters. The plot makes no sense at ALL. Tidus is the most annoying creature ever. Auron is cool, though. I feel bad for him for having to be with Tidus and Yuna the whole time though. Other than Auron though, I loathed every character in this game. I was so happy Tidus vanished at the end! X-2 is a disgrace, we'll leave it there. It's the only one I started and then had to say 'No, can't do this.' Really? Let's make them pop stars? Seriously? Dirge is fun but lacking in a good plot. Vincent needs a new game. Don't like Revenant Wings (not enough Balthier and Basch!). Umm... Crisis Core is okay but battle system is kinda dull imo. Dissidia = mash random buttons, but it's fun enough. Love XII. It's not like the other FFs no, but I loved the characters (minus Vaan of course). Balthier is the best thing ever. Now XIII. I'm iffy on this one. I love the battle system, it might just be my favorite. A lot harder than XII which is good because I could walk off and leave my people on XII to level up themselves. However, the plot? The characters? Can't say I'm a fan at all. I only like Lightning, the others are annoying, especially Snow. I keep waiting for something to happen for it to pick up but it just doesn't. Just isn't doing it for me. Also, my Hope keeps dying. But I need two healers and a synergist! Ack, I keep playing as Lightning, Hope, and Snow. And Hope looks too much like Vaan, or is that just me? They need to just go ahead and remake VII. That would make me very happy.
  9. Reward or not, it's fun and the eggs are sooo pretty!
  10. No, you can get them if you're locked.
  11. I've only got 4 but I haven't been awake very long, lol!
  12. Rabs

    04/01/10 - MAYHEM

    They're all stunning!
  13. Rabs

    04/01/10 - MAYHEM

    Wow that was a short mass drop. Got 3 out of the 4 and 2 nebulas so I'm pretty happy. didn't get the speckled egg but hopefully I will later.
  14. Rabs

    Kingdom Hearts.

    Wouldn't that be Rinoa?