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  1. I support or don't mind if: ✓ everyone gets access to sweetlings in some way that DOES NOT involve being dependant on existing alt owners (don't want prize 2.0 situation after the market finally resolved in years) ✓ People get one color per scroll, alt owners get to keep their color and others get to keep the pink ones I do not support: ✘ One scroll getting both colors, that is too unfair to all other users on top of restricting alts in first place ✘ Making alts available to others in a way that the only source to obtain them is to have an original owner breed for them. As I said, do not want a prize 2.0 cash cow situation. I don't care what people get in their trades, my issue is that I shouldn't have to depend on other users instead of the site (cave) itself to collect all types of dragons, at least in theory.
  2. Oh well, this is a bummer. I very strongly support any kind of CB identification on DC, but given how many years it can take some suggestion to implement, if at all accepted, I was at least very happy we had EATW to fall back on. I wonder if @Ext3h would be willing to consider letting the tools stay without the functionality of hatchery etc. There is literally no way I can sit through 1500+ dragons to manually sort them, so I'll just have to ignore everything I've collected until an option to identify CB exists on DC/off-site. I even used the tool for identifying CBs to breed, since even for my named dragons they just have proper names and no identifications like CB etc in their name.
  3. Does any fansite currently give option same as EATW to check which dragons on your scroll are CB? As in, I am not looking for the number of CBs I have, I have too many unidentified dragons and I used EATW to find CB ones from my scroll. I am assuming it's a lost cause for now, but just checking.
  4. It seems to be broken yes, no hourly drop and no drop after that.
  5. Rosebuds are the only ones I have not yet catched, and they are the ones I wanted most. *le sigh*
  6. I think the retiring of alt sweetlings is okay, no one solution would have pleased anyone, and I don't particularly care that I can't get them. They weren't some exclusive prize to begin with like tinsels etc, it was a different scenario back then and would eventually need addressal. I am glad the owners at least get to keep theirs if they choose to even if they don't breed true.
  7. Thanks for the event, finally I can collect the old Vdays!
  8. I am really sad to see EATW go. It was the just about the only hatchery I used most frequently. The attacker must have known which hatchery gets most traffic to take down the top one, I don't see any reason why the attack would be personal so it was likely DC related. Not to sound whiny but part of the reason this happened and what users have been complaining for years about is how easy it is to view bomb and kill eggs for malicious reason. EATW is the first site to be mass targeted and the effort was so big it made the site close, something tells me if it's someone truly vengeful towards DC they will do it again to other sites until a mechanism is put into place on DC itself to deal with its vulnerability. I know the death feature adds reality to game but for years now it is more pain than gain. I would have preferred if death was related to owner activities itself (like neglecting scroll completely for certain period) than some random person coming and ramming your scroll with uncontrolled views. As long as the option exists, people will keep exploiting it.
  9. I am not particularly in favor of removing limits but it won't be a huge deal for me if they are removed. I am really happy with the general direction in which the game is going this year with respect to holidays, it's everything I could ask for really.
  10. I am not sure if this has something to with EATW but I will let you know my experience anyway. I only use EATW and added my eggs in hatchery as usual when I knew they are not going to die, I came back to find all my eggs sick and one of them had died already, the first time something died off my scroll due to sickness. I was not being viewbombed as far as I can tell. All eggs had very high UVs. So unless you're sure the site in not playing up, I would suggest switch the hatchery.
  11. FINALLLYYY !!! Don't lose hope guys, you'll get them sooner or later, just keep trying.
  12. I think the drop rate is too low, these are Xmas dragons so isn't everyone supposed to have them? The halloween drop definitely seemed better than this despite no limits.
  13. Same problem here! I am getting it for yulebuck, I have no CB yulebucks.
  14. Oh my god that is awesome! I can finally get CB holidays I missed. Thank you!!! EDIT: Forgot to add, I am 110% in favour of not lifting the limits on Xmas dragons, thank you so much for giving us a chance to actually get some of these dragons this year, limits are my only hope to even *try to* catch a holly.
  15. I tried on plenty of costumes, didn't save them. Finally settled on historic war deity.
  16. I almost exclusively use DC on mobile, have been doing so for years. Anything be it site, social media, game etc that would be PC only simply would not have any priority in my life. Why, you ask? Because I like to spend free time on these things, and last thing I want to do is go sit with a laptop to pass time. If I am not checking something out on sites/game etc (on mobile), I am checking out youtube. Even though I have a brilliant and fast laptop (the small one too, so it's not bulky or anything), had a tablet as well.. I eventually got rid of my tablet because I just didn't touch it for months and years on end, and I only ever login to laptop if it's something like drafting a long document etc that would be uncomfortable to do on mobile. The only reason I can catch eggs is because of mobile skin, I love its clean and clutter free functionality. Mobile skin is actually one of the good things about DC that has existed for years without much "bugs" or complaining or whatever you may call it. I don't think its because people aren't using it, I personally have been using it for years and I don't have a single thing to complain about. My only issue USED to be that the eggs displayed in vertical line in caveand 3rd egg didnt display without scrolling in many devices, but TJ took care of that too so as far I'm concerned the DC game on mobile is perfect. My phone is not older than 1.5years though, and that might be a factor. All events during holiday work fine on it so you really aren't missing out anything, on the contrary it is easier to nab eggs on mobile during mad rush in cave.
  17. Are vampire eggs also dropping in halloween biome? I didn't see any.
  18. I see them, I think the biome got a lot busier this hour than it was in last hour. I actually caught mine on mobile on not so fast internet, if you are good on mobile then try that because the site loads very fast on it due to mobile skin. I picked the leftmost egg and kept hitting again and again. It does take some patience when so many people are hunting.
  19. THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU that is all! You are awesome!
  20. This trade is available only until these eggs come off cooldown, after that I'll be dropping them. HAVE: Multiple CB 1 x CB WANT 1:1 Trade: CB (priority) CB (can accept up to 1) (can accept up to 2) Please PM to reserve trade as eggs are on cooldown
  21. I have changed all my passwords for now. That being send, it makes me incredibly peeved to know we're running on 14 years old SW (despite constant maintenance). I knew it was old, but that is a lot. The software update should happen soonest, good call from TJ's side to re-prioritize it. Hope to see it live soon. I don't care if it gives me challenges getting used to, it's not worth the security risk to run on old SW. Thanks TJ for your proactive support on this matter.
  22. ooohhh they're non tradeable. That's amazing, thank you for this restriction! And thanks for the screencap, I didn't win but I am patient the day may come eventually now that they're monthly.
  23. I think some kind of "Raffle history" link at bottom of raffle page would be neat, since the next raffle has already started and there is no downtime period between the two to keep the notification of winning/losing displayed. I am assuming the eggs are straight away going to pop up on winner scrolls since there is nothing to choose(or can they choose the breed?). If you click the link you should be able to see your result for each raffle so far, it would be handy since this is going to be a long running thing.
  24. Well maybe they can PM socky to post confirmation on their behalf what it says without their name. I only want to know what is says, not necessary for winner to post.