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Need for Scroll goal: CB Gold, Male Neglected, my first 2G Holly, 2G silver shimmer & 2G gold tinsel

I'll trade for these, please PM: CB gold, Neglected, 2g prize, 2g f/spriter alt, Holly for HIM or HER

PM FriendlyIOU Friendly on case to case basis.

(jester badges by SockPuppet Strangler, halloween'17 event art on sig by TheCompleteAnimorph)

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    [NOTE: Some parts of my profile are outdated, I just haven't had the time to tidy it up. If you're unsure of something mentioned here, you can double check via PM]


    Thank you to all gifters at DC Departures thread from which I got many precious gifts, thank you breeders at breeding threads, and thanks to these amazing people! : http://pastebin.com/e8smnWz8

    Thank you to incredibly generous Blueocean for gifting me my first 2g tinsel! Thank you Dawn's owner for trading me 2g tinsel in a very generous trade offer!


    Misgender replacement:

    If I have traded you any prize/checker etc. where I said the gender is influenced/precog'd to be a certain way and it misgenders, be ASSURED I will provide replacement unconditionally until you have correct gender.

    Refusal replacement:

    Please always use purple BSA before breeding. I do not replace refusals for free, but you're GUARANTEED a retrade to ask for replacement, just offer something for it, can even be cb common hatchies of any breed. In most cases, if the original trade wasn't particularly valuable to me, I will waive off the fees, but I'm not mentioning it as free just in case, because there are certain lineages I can't replace for free.


    I always reply to all PMs, even if it's just to say no thank you. Responses may be delayed depending on my availability but they will always be answered. If your PM was not answered, feel free to remind me because it is most likely only overlooked by accident. The ONLY time I purposely ignore PMs is when I get unsolicited trade requests demanding me to trade something I have on scroll with an offer I didn't even ask for. (Yes I've even had people constantly PM me to trade a cb metal for messy prize dragon). In such a case I reply only once to politely decline, if the person keeps persisting I'll ignore all further PMs.

    Please do not send me unsolicited trade offers or breeding requests. It's okay to ask questions, but not to demand I trade/breed something just because you asked. I generally only breed for Breeding gifting and SROGG threads, but if I have a lineage you're looking for, feel free to enquire if I'll breed/trade it.


    → I may accept IOU and future arrangements on case to case basis from established players and those known to me.

    → I have a good history of providing and fulfilling new release hatchlings trades or other hatchling like bred, BSA, CB (including rares except cb metals) on IOU basis. This is because my scroll goals are mostly complete, except new release period my scroll is usually not that busy.

    ***MUST READ***RULES for IOU - if you accept an IOU I will assume you've consented to below:

    → I do not give or take IOU for CB metals or NDs. I may in very rare case make an exception however, depending on situation.

    → I usually do not accept IOU for prizes but I'd be willing to do so on case to case basis if the wait list is short or if I initiate the trade.

    → It is receiver's' responsibility to pick egg/hatchies in timely manner, if more than 24hrs have passed since transfer link was sent (and PM read) and/or if hatchies grow up on my scroll after that, IOU is considered fulfilled.

    → If I have taken/given an IOU or done any kind of future breeding/trading arrangement, it would reflect in this section below. If you can't find yours listed, please PM me immediately.

    I O U S T A T U S

    completed IOUs History [82/82 fulfilled trades by me to other people, please refer to list for names you might recognise]: http://pastebin.com/aMhpV5PJ

    Owed by me to these people:

    → HollowSoul - 5/5 CB xenos, 4/6 CB Gaia

    [COMPLETED]→ sharlykng - 65 points trade (1=Lunar 4=copper). Sent/accepted: 64/65 pts (5 LH 1BC, 3 coppers from another trade, 1GC 1BC, 1GC 2Gold LH, 2BC, 1BC 1RC 2GLH & 3GLH, 1BC, 1RC), in transit: 0 [hunting pending for 1 Gold LH]

    [COMPLETED]→ Giligon - 1 CB Silver [delivered]

    [COMPLETED]→ Syryn - 1 offspring SA Rhotj line (SENT), 1 egg from caligm/s (SENT), 1 egg from vin x mis (SENT)

    [COMPLETED]→ Kurogane - 1 3G shimmer from pein [gender fail replace]

    Owed to me by these people (I'm missing some receivable IOUs due to my own mistake of accidentally deleting some PMs. If you owe me something and don't see it below, please would you be so kind to let me know?):

    → HollowSoul - 2G Gold tinsel x2 (x aeon and gaia) & Fail eggs if any

    → Syryn - 2G Shimmer w/ kingcrowne/green gemshard

    → ?? (private) - 1 striped river x bronze shimmer (shimmer pending, fail received)

    Breeding requests I'll receive (for me to keep track):

    Breeding requests I need to fulfill:

    W I S H L I S T

    → 2g prize (do not have any silver shimmer/gold tinsel or gold shimmer yet)
    → My FIRST 2nd gen holly
    → 3rd gen prizes, prefer "gold" the most due to the color (it's synonym with my username Amaterasu XD)
    → 2G from spriter alts (specially would absolutely ADORE from aegis alts)
    → 2G fails select breeds From prize dragons
    → 1 Male neglected to raise and 1 male neglected to freeze

    → CB Golds [[ top priority ]]- gold is the only breed I'm missing my scroll goals for. (my scroll goals for gold is 10/10 for each gender. I'm MORE than happy to trade and pay for them earnestly with fair price, but the only trades I ever find for gold, if at all, is 2g prize which I don't have. So all help appreciated if you're willing to trade me one for something other than 2G prize/ND)

    pretty 3G perfect checkers, "perfect inbred" checkers with holidays

    2G gold [Male gold x Aria]

    2G from CB hybrids

    Holly Mate for https://dragcave.net/lineage/CtU6L

    Mate from 2g spriter alt for https://dragcave.net/lineage/BOpZT

    2G PB from shadow walker spriter alt for https://dragcave.net/lineage/o1UXP

    MY GONs
    https://dragcave.net/view/b2Bik Reseph Pestilence (M) [named after Lords of Deliverance]
    https://dragcave.net/view/8l9ry Yenrieth Archangel (M) [named after Lords of Deliverance]
    https://dragcave.net/view/JaHq4 Erza Jellal Scarlett (F) [named after Fairy Tail]


    Tricolor Snowangel '09
    Wrapping wing '12
    Solstice '13
    Mistletoe '14
    Snow '16

    M/F pumpkins '09
    M/F Grave '13
    M/F Desipis '14
    M/F Witchlight '16

    Arsani '13
    Radiant Angel '14
    Heartstealing '15
    Soulstone '17

    I DO NOT have CAVE BORN dragon of the following:
    Black Marrow, Shadow walker, Cavern lurker, Caligene
    Holly, Yulebuck, ribbon dancer, Winter magi, Aegis
    Val 09, Sweetling, Rosebud, Heartseeker, Mutamore
    Hybrid, tinsel, shimmerscale