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THANKS A LOT to everyone, who gifted something to me!!! (list is too long) Special thanks to Dalsea, Wolke and airaani !!! stinselbanner1.pngLiadin.png

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    Always looking for an egg/hatchie with a code that includes either Dani or Dilo in some way

    CB Black
    CB Gold Wyvern

    nice even gens
    CB Red
    CB Nebula
    2nd gen nebula from purple nebX female thunder

    1m-1f Split
    1m-1f black
    1m-1f Daydream
    2m-2f red dorsal
    2m-2f Nightglory Drake
    1mDayglory Drake
    2m-2f magma
    2f alt neubla
    2m-2f regular Nebula
    2f dark myst pygmy
    1m-1f Misfit pygmy
    1m nilia pygmy
    2m - 2f tan ridgewing
    2m - 2f spring
    2m 1f skywing
    2m sunset
    1f sunrise
    1m 1f sunstone
    1m thunder
    1m water walker
    2m-2f Golden Wyvern

    (last update 06th May '12)

    (just for the record: might sometimes share a connection with Defensora and/or Lazytroll since they belong to my family)