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    Currently online irregularly. RL tends to go haywire at short notice.

    I can breed on request, feel free to PM if there's something you'd like from my scroll.

    Currently looking for:
    - CB silvers
    - CB green coppers
    - 2nd gen silvers (egg or m hatchy, from m silver x f green copper)
    - 2nd gen green coppers (egg or f hatchy, from m silver x f green copper)
    (-CB gold and other CB coppers also welcome, of course!)

    Lower priority:
    - EG Nebula eggs/hatchies - CB or lineage swaps, PM to discuss as I'm a bit specific about the colour combos for a lineage I'm working on.
    - Purple dorsal hatchies (lineage doesn't matter)
    - Prize swaps
    - Matching mates for holiday dragons with ** next to the ones listed below

    Even gens, checkers, interesting lineages, Thuweds, Spriter lineages, BSAs...


    If there is anything of interest on my scroll that you'd like me to breed for you, please feel free to PM.
    If there are dead eggs on my scroll they are neglected attempts.
    If I trade for anything or am gifted anything I do not freeze/bite/kill it. If I intend to gift it I will clear that at the time of trading.
    I get around to naming things eventually, and aim to name everything on my scroll.
    As a convention I put 'Taere' after my dragons' names (except unbreedables or other lineages, e.g. Thuwed, Dorkface). I put 'Trell' after inbred's names.


    Prize dragon lists - I don't have many, but I'm willing to trade offspring from those I have. :)
    Gen in brackets is the adult gen I have. The ones listed are the clean-lined ones where I can continue their lines at this moment.

    Gold Tinsel:
    Apollo x White Stripe (4th gen, stairstep)
    Borg Queen x Magma (4th gen stairstep)
    Living in Sin x Nebula (6th gen broken stairstep)
    AGYI x Green Nebula (7th gen, stairstep, also 8th gen, stairstep)
    Alexandria Aurelix x Terrae (8th gen, stairstep)

    Silver Tinsel:
    Erno x pink (10th gen, stairstep)
    Inextrica x black (11th gen, stairstep)

    Bronze Tinsel:
    Tanoth the Dragon King x Terrae (5th gen, triple spiral)

    Silver Shimmer:
    DivaZ x Horse (5th gen, stairstep)
    Luckiest Catch x Purple Nebula (5th gen, stairstep)

    Bronze Shimmer:
    Michaels Luck x sunsong (2g!!!)
    Lucky First Raffle x Thunder (6th gen, stairstep)


    Mysfytt: 3rd gen bronze shimmer from Rhaegar Taere (stairstep) (16/02: sunsong egg; 24/02: sunsong egg; 06/03: sunsong egg; 13/03: sunsong egg; 20/03: sunsong egg; 04/04: no interest)

    Avarule: 2nd gen sweetling x moonstone - completed; 2nd gen albino x heartseeker - completed
    Multimango2: 2nd gen silver (silver x green copper) (04/06: no egg) - completed
    Violet_Ninja: 3rd gen Heartseeker x GW checker (sibling of http://dragcave.net/lineage/NMqrg) - completed
    Miaou: 2nd gen GoN x Magi - completed
    Miaou: 3rd gen Heartseeker x GW checker (sibling of http://dragcave.net/lineage/NMqrg) - completed
    Miaou: 2nd gen GoN x Solstice (for 2nd gen GoN (m) x Green Copper (f)) - my end completed

    Trade notes to keep track (> to; < from):
    cavern lurker (m) x black tea (f) > Kaityn (x2, one black tea, one cavern lurker at Halloween)
    grave (m) x ? (black?) (f) < Kaityn
    grave (m) x gold (f) < Kith?

    white stripe (m) x red copper (f) > Kaityn - completed

    InugamiZERO - pink from old pink x frill - completed