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  1. I'd rather have our character's actions representing the Fight Act Mercy and Flee choices rather than trying to incorporate the buttons into the RP. I do like the idea of finding ways to incorporate the stats into the RP though.
  2. Name: Kiana Age: 12 Gender: Female Appearance: Kiana is wiry and she stands at about five feet, and she weighs around 90 pounds (maybe more.) Her limbs can look awkward, since they're a bit long in proportion to her torso. She's currently wearing a powder blue leotard, white tights, a pair of brown hiking boots, a blue denim jacket, and a longish pink tutu (it nearly reaches her knees.) Kiana's face is round and soft, with a button nose. Her eyes are large, and are dark brown. Her skin is reddish brown, and her hair is black. Currently, her hair is done up in micro-braids which have then been put into a bun. Personality: Kiana is generally not the loudest person. She'll do her own thing most of the time, but if you ask her for her opinion she'll generally be a bit blunt (but not really cruel. She can seem a bit mean if she didn't think of how something might be a sensitive subject, but she doesn't try to be.) Although she will yell if someone's done something to anger her. She also tends to be very emotional in general; whatever she's feeling will always be clear, even in the few situations where she tries to hide it. Kiana tends to love things and people strongly, and will happily talk about anything that she's attached to. One of the biggest things she loves is ballet, and she's always willing to demonstrate her skill if she has a good place to dance in (with few things to crash into, and a floor that's not too hard or rough. Otherwise she's too likely to hurt herself.) A few other things she loves are mythology, cats, and birds. Trait: Integrity Weapon: A pair of pink pointe shoes. They've had their ribbons tied together, so Kiana can carry them a bit easier. Armor: A pink tutu. It has a few small rips in it due to traveling up the mountain, and her fall. But surprisingly, no serious ones. Other: She's a trans girl. Also, she has a reason for wearing a ballet outfit up a mountain, but I'm not revealing it yet.
  3. I think this could be interesting. I'd like to reserve the fourth human.
  4. ((I’m really sorry about not posting. Things have been really hectic for me in RL, so I haven’t been able to get on very much, although a long absence hopefully won't happen again, since I can normally get on in the morning/early-to-mid afternoon now.)) Isamu had retreated to the second cell soon after leaving the arena, only considering going down to the common room for a few seconds. It was easier to ignore how something seemed wrong with the world when he was alone, although everything still seemed almost. . . shimmery. Like it was actually a reflection on water rather than being real. Am I dreaming? Isamu suddenly thought. He guessed it was possible that when he’d entered the cell earlier that he’d managed to fall asleep, despite the worry that’d been eating at him. It’d most certainly explain the way everything looked. As well as why it seemed that everyone who spoke had been almost garbled, even though Isamu had managed to figure out what they said after thinking a little. He laid down in the bed, and stared at the ceiling for a few minutes, not sure of what to think. Was he dreaming right now? If he was, how much time had passed since he’d fallen asleep? As the second thought crossed his mind, Isamu suddenly bit down on his tongue, feeling a slight pain for a few seconds. However, it quickly passed, making him worry about whether or not he’d imagined it. He wasn’t sure how long he continued to stare at the ceiling, not sure of what he should do. If he was dreaming, he had no clue how to wake himself up. If he wasn’t dreaming, then why was everything shimmery? ((It's really difficult to describe derealization. . . And I was hoping this would be longer, but I ended up having to rewrite it.))
  5. Isamu slowly opened his eyes, trying to keep himself from falling asleep again. Had he fallen asleep on the couch? Normally someone would’ve waken him up and told him to get into his own bed before he woke on his own. There was the sound of someone talking near him, but Isamu didn’t quite catch what they said; he only just realized he did recognize the voice, and that the person was angry about something. It took a few minutes for Isamu to realize whoever was speaking might’ve been talking to him, so he rolled onto his stomach and tilted his head up to look towards them. The man was sitting in a chair next to him, which made Isamu wonder for a few seconds what could actually persuade his dad to rearrange the furniture. Then he actually finished waking up, and realized he wasn’t anywhere in his dad’s house. He shivered a little, and took a few deep breaths to calm himself down, before he sat up and looked around more. Panicking wouldn't help, no matter what was going on. Isamu quickly noticed the other people who were either on the chairs, like the man next to him, or on the floor. Most of them were asleep, although a white haired teen was standing, a young woman with brown hair was pressing herself against one of the walls, and another teen with black hair was trying to fit into one of the corners. And of course, there was the young man in the chair next to Isamu. Another slightly closer look around the room made Isamu notice the bracelets all of them were wearing. When he looked down at his own wrist, he saw that he was wearing one as well. Was it made out of metal? It most certainly felt like it. That can’t mean anything good. He thought after a few seconds of trying to summon it into his hand. It shouldn’t have taken more than about two seconds, and that was assuming it’d been placed on him only a few minutes before he woke up. Just to make sure that it wasn’t actually made out of a material that only appeared to be metal, he instead concentrated on trying to summon a small shield. It didn’t take long for him to notice it wasn’t working. He started shivering again as he realized that his powers were truly blocked, and folded his arms as he attempted to calm himself down again. ((Just as a bit of an explanation to why Isamu wouldn't find a strange voice weird, but would find the furniture being rearranged odd; his father owns a bed and breakfast. While being woken up by strangers doesn't happen all the time, it does happen often enough that Isamu isn't too bothered by it anymore. However, his father never rearranges the furniture without a good reason.))
  6. ((Rarek, I thought that Carissa could understand human speech, because ofthis post of yours. Was I wrong about that? I want to make sure before I do my next post.))
  7. ((Ri's not supposed to be in the water. He's walking beside the river.)) Ri pressed his hair down after a sudden, strong gust of wind blew up, as he looked around nervously. It could be normal, but. . . He thought as he noticed a large, ice-blue falcon drop down from the clouds, followed by a smaller bird. He recognized the falcon as Camoran's, but it was difficult for him to tell what exactly the smaller bird was. After recognizing the falcon, Ri looked in the general direction it felt the wind had come from. He could make out two figures on a nearby rise, and he realized that the smaller bird was probably Mae's sparrow. Do they want to talk? Or is it a trick? He wondered, and pushed his bangs away from his face. If he did try to talk to them, and they decided to attack, he didn't think he'd stand a chance, especially if he went to them. As he was trying to decide what to do now, he heard a large splash from somewhere behind him. He turned around, but spotted nothing nearby. Figuring he could find out later what it was, he instead looked back up to the birds, and noticed that they’d slowly been circling lower down, and he suddenly got an idea. Were they close enough to hear him though? Ri had never been sure on just how great any bird’s hearing was. Can’t hurt to try to get them closer anyways. He thought and started motioning to the birds.
  8. ((I'm just going to point out that it's not likely for Toraz and Snaok to see both Ri and Sanja, unless they're on higher ground. And in that case, they'd be unlikely to be worried about being noticed by Ri unless they were making a lot of noise, since they probably wouldn't be in an area where Ri could see them easily. (Not that he'd be likely to anyways; he can be a bit oblivious at times.) And I'm fine with that bit of history DragonSpirit.)) It took Ri a bit of time to notice that his surroundings were a bit familiar. I guess I've been through here before. He thought and looked around. Now that he was concentrating a bit more on his surroundings, he thought that he could smell salt, so he was probably close to the ocean. He hoped that Sanja hadn't started to worry and gone to find him, since he'd planned to get back sooner, but he'd managed to get lost. Also that she wasn't too far from this river. And that nothing serious had happened to her. As that last possibility entered Ri's mind, he frowned and sped up his walk a little. It didn't take much longer for him to get out of the forest, and afterwards, he could actually see the ocean. I really hope that she's nearby, and okay.
  9. Ri looked down into the river, wondering whether or not he should consider asking any of the creatures that were there if they could point him in the right direction to the ocean. He didn't remember the way back, so he'd need help if he wanted to go to Sanja again, assuming she had stayed there. He hadn't been able to after he started hearings rumors about how the war had ended, with the Aetians wiping themselves out. Ever since then he'd wandered, hoping to find some sign that the rumors weren't true. But since the settlements he'd discovered was abandoned, with no one at all responding as he'd called, he'd finally had to accept that the rumors were true. That or he'd just been unlucky enough to avoid running into a village that was't destroyed, but Ri had to admit, that was unlikely, and he'd be a fool if he activally tried to convince himself of that. He straightened up and pushed his bangs out of his eyes, uncertain of whether or not he actually wanted to return to the ocean. He wanted another person's company, but he was afraid of going back and finding out that Sanja was gone, and he couldn't track her down again. He knew there was a chance that the other TerraChildren were still alive, but he didn't know if any of them would welcome him. After a few minutes, he decided to continue following the river, figuring he'd make up his mind soon. It wasn't like it'd hurt to continue this way for a bit longer. ((I hope this is alright.))
  10. Kannika stopped frowning as much when the man commented that she ‘wasn’t that defenseless after all’ but she couldn’t help but continue wondering if he was an idiot. Then again, he might not have noticed which bar he walked into. She thought and rolled her eyes as she turned away from him. If that was the case, his friends and him should try to be a bit more careful; if he’d approached any other girl in the bar, he likely would’ve gotten more than just a slap. Apparently he’d either gotten bored, or decided getting slapped again wasn’t worth it, because he turned to Issac. Kannika somewhat listened to them, only to hear the blonde man mention that something was bugging him, like a time when he'd run into a greater demon. Kannika froze for a minute when she heard that, although she quickly calmed herself down and paid for the few drinks she had gotten while she was here. If there was a demon nearby, Kannika wanted to get as far away as possible. Just before she exited Kannika heard someone in the bar call out about taking something after a throat had been slit. She rolled her eyes as she exited Hell’s Hangout, and started walking towards where she’d parked her car.
  11. My wreath I couldn't decide whether I wanted to go with a picture design, or a traditional one. So I decided to kind of do both. I'll update as more ornaments come out, since I don't want to take apart most of the wreath in order to make a new design. I'll keep the puppy though. (I do wish there was a plain black ornament. . .)
  12. Kannika's eyes narrowed as the man spoke again, this time telling her he'd believe her when he saw it. This guy is either paying no attention to where he is, or he's an idiot. She thought as he moved to the seat next to her. The same person who'd warned about the possibility of spiked drinks called out again, this time mentioning that it'd be this guy's funeral, as Kannika looked down at her hands for a moment. The next minute, she lifted her left hand, and acted as if she was about to tuck a strand of hair behind her ear. Then she quickly backhanded the man sitting next to her. If he didn't move, and if her aim was right, her wooden ring would hit a pressure point on his jaw.
  13. Kannika looked away from Issac and the people he was with when she noticed the blond haired one looking towards her. No need to attract their attention. She thought, wondering if he'd noticed her staring at them. Hopefullly, he hadn't. When she heard Issac asking for a birch beer, Kannika looked up again and spotted him and the two people who seemed to be his friends sitting very close to her. She sighed a little, wondering if that was just coincidence. She sighed as someone else spoke to Issac, and mentioned once stealing a wormhole generator. She started paying attention to them, but then Issac's blond-haired friend spoke. "Hi there. What's a poor defenseless woman like yourself doing in a place as tough looking as this?" "Just because I am female, and kind of pretty, does not mean I am defenseless. She said angrily as she glared at the man. Kannika frowned even more when the person who'd been speaking to Issac called out about girls spiking men's drinks. "And I don't spike drinks either. She said this just a bit louder, so the person who'd mentioned that in the first place might hear.
  14. Kannika twisted her currently auburn hair around her finger a few times, before taking a quick glance at her watch. She frowned when she realized she’d been in Hell’s Hangout for most of the day, but still hadn’t found much information, from anyone. Damn it. Kannika thought as she looked around again. She didn't like wasted days, and this would count as one of them. She saw three people enter, two males and one female. Normally, Kannika wouldn’t spare people a second glance when they came in, but she kept thinking she knew the man that had black hair with blue streaks. After a bit, she recognized him and smiled lightly. Of course, Issac. I wonder who the other two people are? Kannika wondered as she watched another man walk up to the three. Figuring it was best if she stopped staring at them, Kannika dropped her gaze down to her hands. On her left hand, he had a wooden ring with a slight edge to it. The ring on her right hand was made of metal. Very few people knew that the rings were Kannika’s favored weapons. She looked up again as she heard someone start talking about what should be done if a drunk fainted, and how they could choke on their own vomit and die otherwise. He’s a doctor, right? She thought as she looked at him. She wasn’t quite sure; she normally avoided areas that reminded her of hospitals. --------------- Isamu glared at the lights when they suddenly went out. He then quickly felt for the art case he’d just opened a few minutes ago, and managed to find the right area for the paintbrush. Maybe I should just paint in the daytime from now on. He thought as he managed to zip up the case. Once he managed to move the canvas and easel back a little, so he’d be unlikely to trip over it, he summoned his flashlight and switched it on. Isamu then started going to a bookcase and chair that he had in one area of the living room, figuring he might as well read until the lights turned back on. A few minutes after the lights had turned off they turned back on again. Isamu turned his flashlight off, just before he heard a loud boom that sounded like it wasn’t too far from the apartments, followed by the lights shutting off again. You've got to be kidding me. . . What was with that booming though? He wondered as he once again, switched the flashlight on and walked over to the window. Isamu didn't hear any more booms or roars, so he hoped whatever was going on was now under control. ((Just so people know, Kannika normally uses the name Carmalita in her current diguise (shoulder length auburn hair, pale skin, and dark gray eyes.) And also, Kannika's wooden ring is for aggravating pressure points, while her metal one has a spike on it, as you can see in the linked picture. She normally has the spike pointing in the direction of her palm.))
  15. I think it's been a few months since Eli turned twenty-three. It was mentioned in the first actual RP post that Eli had known Caim for more than two years, which to me, suggests that it's been at least few months. If Garth was closer to being a few months younger than Eli, rather than a full year, then Ruins might be able to make it work out.
  16. To be fair, if Garth turned seventeen before Eli turned eighteen, he could be twenty-three.
  17. I'd like to stay in the RP. I'll try to see if I can type up a post now. By the way, Akiraa, I think you meant Carita, not Cassandra in your last post. Cassandra is Ceren's roommate.
  18. My real name is a black dragon. ^.^ One of my forum nicknames (Sapfire) is an ochredrake. My forum name isn't in use.
  19. akiraa, giving a character a weapon that makes no sense (swords in modern times are definitely weapons that don't make sense, because they're large, many of them are heavy, and not a lot of people carry them) is a sue-ish trait. Making it so your character has rish parents who spoiled her can also be a bit sue-ish as well (not always, but sometimes). If the weapon Akira had was a knife, it'd make more sense. Why? Knives are small, easy to hide and carry, and easy to learn how to use. Heck, my brother started bringing a small pocketknife to school when he was in midle-school because he started having huge problems with bullies. (He kept it in his locker if anyone's wondering how it wasn't found.) Also, in your last post, how is Akira downstairs already? Last I saw in the post before that, she was still upstairs and checking that Carita was up. (I'm going to type up a reply. It'd be a lot easier if I knew how Akira reacted once she saw Carita was up.) How do you even know that she'd be approached by Ceren (Akira looked and spoke to her in your last post) once she got downstairs?