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  1. Thank you so much! I'll send you a PM next Tuesday.
  2. I know that this one is being held for Buckskinmist, but I was wondering if I might ask for a sibling from your next breeding?
  3. Ashenflame can breed 3rd gen purebred Gold x Storm eggs, and Khasel can breed 4th gen ones. Their breeding stock is related, though.
  4. That's a gorgeous lineage! I would totally take it, except Halloween is coming up and I don't want to take any more eggs (I'm already cutting it close with the ones I have).
  5. I'm so sorry about being perma-locked! Feel free to breed her for SilverBells, and I swear I'll make sure I have room next week.
  6. I suppose you could release them into the wild, like you can with frozen hatchies.
  7. I'm a supporter; I follow some of the ideas all the time. The exceptions are that I breed sometimes just to see if a pair is compatible, but I always try to find the egg a good home if one is produced. I also try for metallics fairly often, but I try to breed them with commons that are more sought after (such as blacks and vines). Other than that, though, I do my best to follow the oath.
  8. Yes, frozen hatchlings count towards the ratios. All living dragons count, no matter what stage they are or where they are (so wild dragons count too).
  9. This. I like to run my scroll "hot" and post my eggs and hatchlings in several places, even when it's not really necessary. I do it on purpose, and my eggs/hatchlings almost never get sick, so it'd definitely bug me to always see a message telling me to slow down.