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    ۰•⊱✿۰✿⊰•۰ Wishlist ۰•⊱✿۰✿⊰•۰

    - neglected hatchie (I am a member since 2009 and til now I didn't manage to create a neglected hatchie, even though I already tried it so many times..I guess it's because I don't get enough views..never got more than 2000...even   though I use 8 hatcheries. I would be happy as a little child at his/her birthday, ifI could trade for a neglected hatchie or if someone lets m know, what to do, to create my own. Pleeease let me know.)
    - 2nd gen holly 07 (from CB HollyXCB Garland or HollyXWhite or HollyXWitchlight or HollyXGold)
    - CB gold
    - CB silver
    - even 2nd/3rd/4th/5th/6th/... gold from purebred gold/black or pb gold/silver or pb gold/red or pb gold/striped 
    (I can breed even 2nd/3rd/4th gold from gold/black gold/red or gold/striped in return)
    - even 2nd/3rd/4th/5th/6th/... silver from purebred silver/black or pb silver/gold or pb silver/red or pb silver/striped or pb silver/witchlight or pb silver/any holiday breed
    (I can breed even 2nd/3rd/4th silver from pb silver/black or silver/red or silver/striped or whatever you want as a mate in return)
    - even 2nd/3rd/4th/5th/6th/7th.... gen pb striped - I can breed pb even gen striped ('til 5th gen) in return


    I am the founder of the lineage:

    'Once I was a Russian Fabergé Egg'

    ... it was a really popular and famos lineage on the DC-forums but I had to finish due to a sudden and bad disease (no....thanks God .. no cancer) ... but now I am back and I am really fine again and want to restart the lineage, but I am looking for a nice and trusty person who would love to help me with this lineage. So if you would like to help me ... you are not a new DC member and maybe you still know about the Fabergé-lineage, just pm me please. 
    (Of course you don't have to know all stuff about the Fabergé-lineage..but it would help if you know what a Fabergé egg is, and - or at least : who the Romanov-family was .. I'll tell you the rest you have to know. And I would breed at least one Fabergé egg for you..so you can breed for other lineage participants, when we restart the lineage. )