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    CB Black
    2nd gen Black Alt of Black
    2nd gen Holly of White
    CB Dark Myst Pygmy (Male)
    CB Day Glory Drake (Female)
    CB Ember
    CB Flamingo Wyvern
    2nd gen Geode of Stone x Stone or Green x Green (Male)
    CB Gold (Male)
    CB Gold Horned Tangar (Female)
    CB Halloween 08 / Vampire (Male)
    CB Night Glory Drake (Female)
    CB Purple Ridgewing
    CB Tan Ridgewing
    CB Seawyrm Pygmy (Female)
    2nd gen Shallow Water (Female)
    CB Silver (Female)
    CB Spotted Greenwings (Male)
    2nd gen Black Stripe
    2nd gen Blue Stripe
    2nd gen Green Stripe
    2nd gen Red Stripe
    CB Sunrise (Female)
    CB Swallowtail (Male)
    2nd gen Bronze Tinsel
    2nd gen Silver Tinsel
    2nd gen Gold Tinsel
    2nd gen Two Finned Bluna (Female)
    CB Water (Female)