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  1. I haven't seen one since the release. So glad I got one of each and an extra of my favorite, the thalassa. They are my new favorite dragon!
  2. Isn't sexual orientation, by definition, how/who you are sexually attracted to, though? Therefore sexual attraction has a lot to do with sexual orientation. Regardless, a lesbian can find a male sexually attractive but they wouldn't "turn straight for them" they might have sexual encounters with them, but they wouldn't change their whole sexual orientation based on one person. It just doesn't make much sense to me. But i'm also asexual so sexual attraction is a mystery to me anyways.
  3. I fear many people are confusing sexual attraction with aesthetic attraction at times. They are completely different. You can appreciate someone's looks without wanting to "tap that" and if they are sexually attracted to someone and "would go gay for them" then perhaps they should re-evaluate their sexual orientation if they discover new sexual attractions.
  4. I have two adults and a frozen baby. I like to think of them as a little family.
  5. I'm going on vacation for a week and knowing my luck, the release will be during then haha.
  6. you could be quoiromantic like me
  7. Coming from an asexual, this sounds more aromantic
  8. Just caught a blue dino and a CB copper in the same egg drop! What are the chances!!!
  9. I love these even more than the hatchlings! I love the smoothness
  10. I've been here awhile but i've taken so many breaks and missed so many holidays and releases
  11. http://dragcave.net/lineage/kXx1D This is beautiful omg
  12. I've ridden horses since I was 5 haha. It seems odd to me that they could seem scary, but that's only because I've been around them my whole life. I've had my fair share of falls, bites, and getting stepped on, and injuries (broke my arm once) but i've also had my fair share of nuzzles, flawless courses, bonding, and fun.
  13. fish/shellfish (deadly allergic) eggs (like scrambled eggs and stuff not cake) fabreeze
  14. ah of course i miss this because i was on vacation!
  15. That's very true we already have so many people living in poverty and everything. I think if i ever did have kids i would adopt or foster older kids that need a home (i'm not good with babies and they usually are adopted easier and quicker I think). Even if i did end up having a biological child, i would still want to foster or adopt at some point if i decide later on that I want kids.
  16. pony459


    Someone cannot force you to donate blood or an organ to save their life. Therefore someone cannot force you to sustain someone else's life if it infringes on your own body. And also most abortions happen before the brain is even developed.
  17. I'm asexual and grey aromantic so kids is not on my list of things I want to do. And marriage is most likely a no, or a maybe
  18. I see both color combinations depending on angles and lighting. But its honestly not even a pretty dress
  19. Frill, Pink, Water, and daydream. Also, my 11th dragon was my first black, and it alted haha!
  20. After 3 days of searching for a green copper, I finally got my first one! Influenced female for him: http://dragcave.net/lineage/bvCgk
  21. I'd like to join! My scroll link is in my signature
  22. http://dragcave.net/lineage/PEE17 I snagged this egg from the cave and I'm dying.
  23. Age is only a number and it really comes down to maturity level. However, too big of an age difference can be harmful. If a 30 year old is dating an 17 year old then the power levels in the relationship are not equal and obviously the 17 year old is in a totally different stage of life then the 30 year old. It's honestly not great in my opinion, even if they are "in love" you can probably find someone closer in age that you can also fall in love with.
  24. What are Yellow undines going for? Like a pb 2nd gen one?