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  1. Ceto Sylvini At Aero's words, Ceto pulled away. "No. Let me go." she told him, tears streaming down her cheeks and her face flushed. "I'm sorry, but I just don't love you, Aero. I hate you, and I hate this baby, and I hate my life!" she screamed at him, turning and leaving. She had to have a drink... just a little. [bed. Wanna skip a bit now? Duss?]
  2. Finished watching Noragami. Will now watch KHR.
  3. Add me, my friend code is 5000-3020-9384. PM me your codes! Friend Safari: Flying.
  4. Ambra Neirum Ambra quirked an eyebrow. Laughter still boomed from the common, streaming into the barracks. Why people loved to make a scandal, she didn't know. She prefered the silence of the library. The smell of the worn and tattered pages of books. The feel of the leather binds against her fingers. Someone said that she treated books as she treated a lover. Gentle caresses of their yellow pages, gazing intently upon their words. "It's your birthday. You sleep on that bunk. I have no trouble sleeping on the floor or table." she offered him a soft, gleaming smile. Cullen was a good man. Strong, firm, quick, smart. Her blue eyes... perhaps they rested on him for too long. They darted back at the wall and her pale lips curled into a frown. "Go on. I'll go back to the barracks. Or maybe I'll camp outside..."
  5. Ambra Neirum "Sorry, Cullen, was a bit distracted with your gray nose hair flaring out of your nostril! What'd you say?" Bella smirked and snorted, and clapped the man on the shoulder. With that, she turned and strode away, getting up on the table in the common and yelling something at someone before an object smashed into her head and made her fall over. Ambra winced at the loud clatter and scampered down the hall. "Why is it so loud?" she asked, wandering around until she found the barracks. "Can't they be quiet?" she jabbed once more, slipping into the room. It was warm and cozy in there. Smiling, she decided that this would be a good place to read books. It was then that she saw the bunk. Her brows furrowed and her lips pouted. The bunk waited for them. It looked cold... "Well... there it is." she flicked her eyes toward him. "So... I can sleep in the common..." she murmured.
  6. I have starters for Trade! I have Bulbasaur, Charmander, Squirtle Chikorita Treecko, Torchic, Mudkip Tepig Chespin, Fennekin, Froakie And I am looking for Totodile, Cyndaquil Turtwig, Piplup, Chimchar Snivy, Oshawott PM me! I also have Feebas.
  7. Ceto Sylvini Ceto continue to sob, snuggling into Aero's chest. It wasn't because she wanted attention, it was just because she needed an anchor. "What are we going to do now, Aero?" she cried.
  8. Ambra Neirum Ambra sighed softly, a frown on her lips. The black haired woman scowled at Charlie. "I don't know about you Charlie, but I don't trust this woman. She might bear the colors of an assassin, but does she stand for them?" She snorted and began to follow Borris out. "I have to help Gregory with something. Keep an eye on her." and with that, she was gone. A woman who had approached from behind was looking at Cullen now. "Cullen! What the times have done to ye!" Bella smirked at Cullen, walking up to him and shaking his hand. "Still as ugly as ever! Who's this lady?" Ambra noticed that she was being looked at again. She looked at Cullen to see if she should answer. What if she was going to be aggressive like that other lady? The woman tip toed behind Cullen and peered over his shoulder. Maybe I should stay quiet.
  9. Ambra Neirum She was surprised that she didn't get yanked into the air by the man! If not, she was surprised that he didn't dislocate her arm. The red haired woman was impressed by the man's brute force, however. Ambra stepped into the hole and looked around. A bunch of people surrounded Cullen in the mean time. Her blue eyes flicked to and fro over the small home they had. The walls were made of rock and dirt and yet, it was a homely feel. She turned toward Charlie and Rebecca. "Hello." she greeted, a smile on her lips, albeit a bit strained. "Do you actually live underground? Or is this a work place?" "What's wrong about living here?" A tall, curt, graceful older woman walked up behind her. She yelped, bouncing backwards and crashing into someone. Yet, she didn't check to see who it was. The woman had jet black hair and bright brown eyes that sparked annoyance. "Who is this, Cullen?" the woman snapped again. She had her hands crossed in front of her chest and her eyes narrowed. She was obviously in a bad mood.
  10. Ambra Neirum The red haired girl watched Cullen for a moment as he swung his leg over the head of the horse. She didn't see anything here... But she followed him anyway, swinging her leg over the back of the horse. Ambra followed him to a board on the floor. Cullen knocked on it, but no one came out. She frowned. Did he get the wrong place? I mean, what kind of Creed lives underground? We're people, not gophers. Maybe Cullen made a mistake? However, a man soon stepped out. She gazed up at him and took a few steps back. Now... he was huge. He was probably five times her size. But then again, she was a very short and thin woman. She didn't say anything as the two men discussed. But before she knew it, the man extended a hand. She took it and shook his hand. Even his hand was huge! Her eyes were large as she gazed at him, not even saying a word.
  11. Ambra Neirum Well, it was Cullen's birthday... She expected to go somewhere nice. Maybe a resturant or horse back riding or camping? But the man said that he wanted to pay a visit to his family. Cullen had a family? Here? In Ireland? She never heard a word from him about his parents or brothers or sisters. This had to be interesting. The woman clung closer to him and looked over the land once more. She just couldn't get over the scenery. The rolling green hills, the distant streams and the rocky peaks of mountains. "The entrance? Oh!" how could she be so dull? He meant that they were going to see the Creed. The Creed... how long had she been on that stupid boat that was called the naval part of the Roman Creed? Pirates and Assassins didn't mix... they had different rules and morale. Sighing, she glanced around, looking for an entrance in a tree or the side of a hill. "Okay, I give up. I can't find the entrance. But I bet if you didn't know where it was you'd have a hard time finding it as well." she grinned at him. Ever since she had been on that boat she had grown feistier, a bit hardier. Whether that was a good thing or not, time would tell.
  12. I have a question. If Eevee has its Hidden ability [Anticipation] does that mean that when it evolves, it'll have hidden abilities too? Like Ice Body, Quick Feet, Hydration?
  13. Ceto Sylvini Ceto smacked Aero's hands away from her shoulders when he grabbed them. She snarled at him, her eyes glimmering with malice. It was true that she had stayed true to Aero. But not because she loved him or anything of the sort. It was because, for some reason, he kept her attention. He was a loyal assassin, stern yet kind, and very intriguing to play with. "I haven't been with anyone but you, you idiot." she snarled at him. Now what was going to happen?! She would have to stay calm for eight or nine months or whatever, and by then the Sista Viska could be long gone! Yet, they were taking their chances. "I'm so stupid! Why the did I get in bed with you?! Why?!" she slammed her fist into the wall, making a hole. It hurt her knuckles like hell, but she didn't say anything. "I don't want it! I want it out of me! I don't want your God rambled *** brat inside of me! Get it out! GET IT OUT!" now, it wasn't often that Ceto threw tantrums. But she was in hysterics now. She sat down on the edge of the bed, sobbing wildly into her hands. Now she wasn't going to get her crew back! Ever!
  14. Ceto Sylvini The day was cloudy again, a summer storm rolling in the distance. The humidity was almost too much for her to bear. She sweated as if it were a hot summer day. "I went to the doctor today." the woman told him, sternly. Her gaze searched for his, but held a very tiny flame. It was almost as if she were blaming him for what he did. Alas, he didn't know what he did yet. "I'm pregnant." she told him bluntly. Her eyes narrowed and her jaw grew taut. It almost seemed as if she were about to explode. "With your child, Aero." she hadn't gone and slept around with anyone else than him. She waited for his reaction, her brows furrowing together. It was amusing, seeing her so worked up. But this was serious. What were they going to do now?
  15. Ceto Sylvini It had been months. Abe, Mary, Garrett, Aero, Roberts, and her gathered every day to see what they could do to get the ship back. But there were no new ideas. One of them had been saving up enough money to buy a new ship and use it to chase after the Sista Viska. But even a civilian boat costed a lot of money, and it wouldn't stand a chance against the large Assassin ship. Ceto had been thinking of actually taking a boat, but six people against a whole crew. They would be slaughtered. She walked to Aero's room, and stepped inside. She looked around. "Aero..?" she called. She had finally went to the doctor. But it wasn't what she had expected to hear. This couldn't be happening. Not now, when she had so much to do! She had a little piece of Aero in her. She decided it must be the size of an apple seed, but it would soon grow. It made her afraid. Angry. That was why she was going to beat the crap out of him when she saw him. Ambra Neirum It sure was greener than she remembered. Even though it was July, but it was still humid and the sky was cloudy. It seemed that it was going to rain all day. Ambra smiled as she looked at the sky, clinging to Cullen as they rode on a worn path. For some reason, this seemed a lot like deja vu. Maybe it was from all of those years ago? Her eyes glimmered with excitement and happiness. "This place looks so nice!" she smiled, bouncing a bit in her saddle. The red haired woman had tied her hair into a braid, and it sloped down her back. It was a new style, but she liked it. Her hair would stop getting in her eyes. She giggled, holding him tighter. Ambra usually got very excited when she saw something new. It was almost as if she would snap and bounce around all over the place. "Where are we going first?"
  16. Robert "Robb" DuBois The black haired Frenchman didn't know what to do. Robb paced up and down the deck, running a hand through his greasy hair. He didn't know what to do. He didn't know what to do! H was just a healer, a cabin boy studying to become a surgeon. He didn't know what the assassins considered to be right or wrong. He frowned, stopping and looking at the docks. It was then that she saw the woman. That one woman who understood him. "Mary!" he called, running after her. He grabbed her shoulder and turned her around. His eyes searched her face. "You're not really leaving, are you?" He asked, his fingers squeezing her shoulder. "They'll go after you too, Mary. Please don't leave me." he begged. But what he really wanted to do was admit that he loved her. That he fell a warm feeling in his chest that he never felt before.
  17. Ambra Neirum She knew that it stung. She could see it in his face, in his eyes. She had struck a nerve that she shouldn't have, and she rested a hand on his shoulder. Her eyes searched for his and she frowned. "I'll pray for her when it comes time to sleep." she told him, a small smile cracking across her lips. Maybe that would make him feel better? "I'll even pray with you, if you want." she sighed, looking back out over the barracks. "... yeah, but my mom... she was very sick. She... constantly got sick. But my dad knew how to take care of her. That time, however, she was really ill. She wouldn't eat and she couldn't sleep. One day we woke up to find her dead." her eyes grew misty, and she ground her teeth. "Sometimes I wonder if she would have been happier if I had stayed a farm girl. I don't think she would have liked if she found out I was an assassin." Ambra looked at him, then, forcing another smile onto her lips after much struggle. "I'll be happy to go with you to Ireland on your birthday. I can't wait till then."
  18. Ambra Neirum Ambra sighed as she listened to him. She could listen to that voice for ages. How the muscles in his jaw moved and how his eyes glimmered with the thought of the past. She was especially touched by the scenery on that mountain he was on. "You have to promise me. Promise me that you'll take me to those places." she sighed, gazing at him some more. "I want to take my love there, one day. We would hold each other and put names on the stars, and lay under that oak..." she smiled, almost wistfully. She was only dreaming. Cullen would never love her. The woman smiled softly. "I remember my dad. How he smiled. He looked like you, really, except with brown eyes and freckles all over his body. Sadly, he couldn't stay in the sun for long. He would burn. And... I remember my mom..." she drifted off. "I lost her when I was a wee girl. ... Have you ever lost someone, Cullen?"
  19. Ceto Sylvini As much as she wanted to swat away his hand, she couldn't. His rough skin against her cheek, his soft voice... She smirked a bit. "I don't need your help." she grinned softly. "But maybe... I do need you... even if it's for a little bit..." [Dunno what else to post. DX]
  20. Ambra Neirum She gazed at him with wide eyes. She tried to imagine the expanse of green leaves. The branches. The roots of the tree. "Can you tell me more stories from Ireland?" [Dinner]
  21. Ceto Sylvini The woman choked on her tears, the tears that made her eyes sting and rolled down to her lips. She felt like a wailing child. Aero walked over to her and held her close, almost too close. She listened to what he said but in the end she pulled herself away harshly. Ceto violently wiped away at her tears and flushed in embarrassment. "I've been feeling so sick, Aero..." she coughed, snuffling a bit more. "It's like I'm always tired..." she said. "Maybe... maybe it's because everything that's happening... I'm so stressed." at least he was here. She had missed Aero. She had missed his pure Italian, his soft gaze, and his gentle touch. "I haven't even gone to the doctor yet. I mean, I passed one right now when I took them to the surgeon. Yet..." she didn't know what to say. What would she say? What could she say? She sobbed more, rubbing her eyes. "... Oh, I'm so stupid... I'm no assassin... I'm no captain... I'm nothing..."
  22. Ceto Sylvini She couldn't believe that this was happening. Her sea blue eyes watched him carefully in the dimly lit room. Outside, it was dark, as if it was about to rain or snow, casting its blue-gray drapes over the floor. It almost looked like they were underwater. "Castiel and Poppy backstabbed me. Why, I don't know. For power, to get me out of there?" she looked at the back of his head. "Please, don't shove me away. I lost my crew, Aero. All I'm left with is an old pirate and a limping British assassin. Please tell me that the whole ****ing Creed isn't after us for something we haven't done." she walked to the window and drew the curtains, making it darker than it once was before. "... Aero... I can't. I lost... I lost everything..." she pressed her hand to her face, trying to keep herself from crying. "I lost my family. I lost my loved ones." she sobbed, then, putting both of her hands on her face. It was then that she sobbed. The sound of Ceto crying was an ugly thing to hear. It was cracked, broken, hurt. Ambra Neirum "He was watch commander? I remember when I was back on land and there were watch commanders..." she tipped her head up at him. Then she looked down at the pages. It was a childish story, alright. It was about a unicorn that had been running from men, as she said before, but along the way he made new friends that protected him. Among the friends were a little boy and girl, a small dragon, a mermaid, and an owl. Sounded like pieces of other books put together. "Okay, I think it does sound a bit childish when I read it again. But it's one of the only memories of Ireland for me." she told him, laughing a bit. "... you know, Cullen. I don't remember much of Ireland. I just remember it was all green." she admitted.
  23. Ceto Sylvini Suddenly, the door opened a little bit, and a hand snatched her and pulled her inside. The man pushed her up against the wall, and she looked up at him. Fear was starting in her heart again. Had she walked into a trap? Knowing her, she had. "Do you believe everything they tell you, Aero? You're gullible as ." she grunted, grabbing at his wrists. "It's a lie, and you fell for it! You'resupposed to be an assassin master!"
  24. Ceto Sylvini Ceto nodded at Roberts. He was always a cautious one but not overly cautious. "Fine. If he attacks me I can handle myself. That scrawny *** was never one for fighting." that's what she thought. She saw Aero as scrawny and light, the perfect build for an assassin. For an assassin was not one for taking hits, but dodging and striking. She sighed and walked away, motioning over her shoulder. She walked to the inn and went inside. "Someone is expecting you." the inkeep said. "He said for the lady to come alone. He also left a few coins for the men. Room Two." "Can you tell me how he looked like?" "He was hooded. I couldn't get a good look at his face. But he seemed friendly enough." Ceto nodded and went up the stairs. She passed the first door and went to the second. The woman knocked on the door. "Aero?" she said, albeit a bit softly. She didn't want anyone to overhear. If they did... she would be in trouble. Ambra Neirum Ambra blushed a bit when Cullen wiped away her tears. He was so sweet and kind with her... she wished that he would hold her as he did with Abe, laugh with her. She took the handkerchief into her hand and tightened her hold on it. "It's not a children's story. It's a fantasy." she told him. She pouted and blushed a bit more. She didn't want to seem like a child to him. She wanted to be seen as a woman. "Look. It's about the last unicorn. It's running away from the hunters that want to kill it and take its horn. It shows how cruel humans could be." she murmured. "I got this in Ireland. My mom would read it to me over and over again because I wouldn't get tired of it." she giggled and flipped open the book. The text was slightly faded but still legible. "The unicorn's name was Henry. I know it's a stupid sounding name for the unicorn, because it's a person's name. But my friend told me it's to show that Henry was just like a person in a different form." she smiled.
  25. [Okay, it'll be short, though. Bed.] Ceto Sylvini "He'll walk with a slight limp." the doctor said as he finished tying up the bandages around Roberts' wound. He looked toward Garrett as he tested out his leg. "But he should get rest." Ceto was kind of disappointed that the surgeon couldn't do anything else to help Garrett. But she had to admit, that Poppy had a good shot. She paid the surgeon and walked away. "The Creed is this way." she told the both of them quietly. Someone bumped into her, but he apologized. His face was shaded and his voice strained, as if forced. Ceto narrowed her eyes and instinctively checked her belongings. There was nothing stolen but there was something else. A note. Asking her to meet someone in a hotel. The pendant swung from her hands as she read, a bronze arrow. "... scratch that. We're going here. We seemed to have gained an ally." she handed Roberts the note. [i pronounced it arrow the whole time, but "Air-oh" which is like the same thing. ] Ambra Neirum Ambra listened to Cullen as he spoke. "Thank you, Cullen." she smiled and hugged him close. Her tears had dried in her eyes, but the ones that had streamed down her cheeks remained. "I was reading a book... before I got thinking. It's a fantasy about unicorns and all of that! My friend wrote it for me years ago when I was little." she told him. "Do you want to read it with me?" she seemed a bit sheepish in asking him, but that was because she was sheepish with everything.