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  1. The adults are so beautiful... thank you all!
  2. Wonderful idea! Thank all of you so much! Very nice and detailed story to go through and collect the items. I enjoyed it Thanks again for your hard work!
  3. C-bone

    Hell's Gate

    My first vampire grown up Vamp Bone from the Hell's Gate Male
  4. C-bone

    Hell's Gate

    Please, count me in . I caught this egg, it turned succesfully and I think that it is a perfect Hell's Gate dragon.
  5. C-bone

    10 on 10-10-10

    Yay new eggs! Thanks TJ!
  6. Happy Easter! Thank you very much for those eggs, TJ! They are very lovely and I feel a little bit sad that I couldn't keep them all...
  7. As I know there are two dragons carrying my user name. Both are from Dorkface lineage, one is the summer dragon and other is the autumn dragon . I know about them because I donated Dorkface summer egg to the person who didn´t have the dragon from this lineage and she named this little one with my nick . It´s very kind and I feel very honored.
  8. I think my first four were: Water, Black, Guardian and Stone