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oneScrollOath.gifhttps://dragcave.net/user/daestarr   My tinsels and shimmers are here. Always looking for CB Gold to complete my scroll goal - offers are AUTO for any of my trades.IOUs accepted on case by case basis.

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    Land of overly sweet chocolate
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    My sister also plays Dragon Cave. We do breed for each other and scroll-sit for each other. However, it is well and truly two different people playing the game.


    There are many people on DC who have helped me out a lot over the years. These people are far more giving than I am and each time I get something from them I'm humbled by their generosity. I started this list late and am definitely missing many people, but I give my thanks to:

    Jerusha, MaximumOccupancy, xdlugia, naturalcyber, kitty4761, PuzzleChick, soulchaser, Thuban

    IOUs I owe people

    Misha: 2x CB Lunar Herald
    IOU completed: 11/24/17.

    JuKo: 12x CB hatchlings on list provided by JuKo
    IOU completed: 01/07/18

    LilaDrache: 4x 2gen PB speckle-throated
    Status: 4 eggs sent on 2/17/18


    Holiday mates needed:

    2gen sweetling from spring