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  1. got one last egg 2 minutes before the cut off! still missing about 6, but at least I caught a cheese in the volcano while I was looking for easter eggs to spawn
  2. I've got 9 left but the time interval is like 15 minutes so there's no way for me to get even close to that number....... first time in a couple years I won't be able to get all the eggs but what can you do when you work all the time i guess thank you for the amazing eggs, spriters!! they're really beautiful this year!
  3. aw man I just missed the blues! oh well guess I'll have to look for them later tonight then thank you!
  4. ugh I worked all day when these came out and even though I managed to get a couple last night I don't have any blue crystals does anyone have that post that lists the times the eggs rotate in the cave?
  5. thank you! a very lovely egg for sure! I'll make sure to take good care of it
  6. (takes a long drag off my bubble blowing pipe) lag? hah.. "I don't stand a chance", "I can't catch anything with this lag" this really brings me back... back to the autumn of '10... (happy halloween!)
  7. you know it's halloween on dragcave when the site stops loading for at least an hour after midnight
  8. I literally learned how to play minesweeper just so I could help pull ahead of the "cure" people
  9. I feel like I'm the only person fighting to spread the disease instead of cure it
  10. definitely not happy that the minigame this year is minesweeper, but it's alright I guess. I miss the way it used to be with the interactive adventures instead of all these minigames. excited for the treats at least!
  11. But I remembered it vividly, and it was such a powerful impact on me that I avoided this entire site (including the actual game) like the plague for 4 years because I was so ashamed. You see what I mean? This is just a worst-case scenario but it's something that actually happens to people. A warning for spam probably won't drive someone off a forum, but you don't know that. My point in this argument specifically is that even a 10% warning isn't nothing and I - along with several people - are upset that they're being treated as such. Yes, my point was to warn less. It's ridiculous to expect everyone to know whos mentally ill and who isnt and I don't expect special treatment for those who are. What I'm trying to say is that warns aren't meaningless, they aren't small or pointless, they aren't something you can easily get over if you're a.) young b.) neurodivergent c.) both. Of course in situations where someone is a repeated offender or is just a really mean-spirited person, warnings are valid and actually useful. That's the whole point of them. But I feel like in situations where someone just posts something like "I like this" in a couple threads and they get a 10% warning for spam, a verbal reminder in a PM would suffice. Especially if it's their first time doing something like that. They are. Less so now that the active player base has declined but the problem is that the forum is still being treated as if it needs to be modded as heavily as it used to. Like I said before back when there were hundreds of people online at a time, every single day, warnings for small things were useful because then it kept a sort of organized chaos. But in comparison to how many active posters there are now, warnings are given out too liberally. It's treated the same way as it used to be, which is the problem. Like I said, I'm not telling mods to never give out warnings or tell people not to do things. I'm saying to not be so casual about giving out a real warning to someone who did something extremely small. And while you can help people learn and cope with things they have a hard time with in real life, it's not nearly as easy to do on an internet forum about collecting dragons. It's completely different and you have to take that into consideration. In case I haven't managed to say it clearly enough, my whole point is that people are upset the mods and TJ are saying to brush off 10% warnings because it's not a big deal to them, so it shouldn't be to us. Keep using warnings and giving them out, but why would you give someone a real warning when a verbal one would suffice?
  12. Warnings are given out pretty liberally on this site, and it's one of the most frustrating things about all of this in my opinion. I'm not talking about verbal warnings because we need reminders every once in a while - though I do think they come in way too fast on things that don't need to be warned about - but I mean the actual mod warning that leaves a permanent mark on your account. The percentage doesn't stay in your line of view for the rest of your life, but it never goes away from the warning history and any mod can pull that up whenever they want. I personally got a bunch of warnings for being a bigoted pre-teen kid and I sure wish that wasn't on my account anymore, but it is. Back then a 10% warning lead to something worse because I was upset and crying at the stupid little 10% to begin with so I lost my temper at one of the mods and after that, I left the forum for a little over 4 years. I totally deserved the warnings at the time, but I was also 13. Now I'm hesitant to come back and interact with anything almost 7 years later because of this. In fact, I try to avoid forums all together. That's another thing: a lot of players, especially new players, are actually children or generally younger than 18. If you're new to being active on forums or talking to people in general and you say something rude or post spam without knowing and get a warning for it, you're going to be really put off from ever coming back here at all. And if they happen to come from a really terrible household they might escalate the situation from unresolved anger issues stemming from their home life, or shut down entirely from anxiety attacks and never come back. These "pointless" warnings, even if it's designed to be a scale, hurt neurodivergent kids in ways I don't think the mods even consider. The warning system isn't just hurting veteran players. It's hurting the younger community. It's hurting the mentally ill community that lives on this forum. I'm not saying stop giving out warnings completely, but also don't toss them around as easily and casually as you would tell someone "hey don't do that".
  13. shortaxel managed to say everything I was feeling better than I probably could have. These parts especially reflect my own feelings on the whole situation about having to stick to the topic to a T and not being allowed to start new threads about dead subjects. No one wants to see 8 threads stacked on top of each other about the same thing, but if I wanted to ask about something that was relevant to right now, I shouldn't have to go back 4 years searching desperately for an answer before I post a thread only to have it locked after the first post for making a duplicate. Not to mention the search engine on the forums is impossible to use unless you know the perfect formula for finding the information you need. No newcomer is going to know how to use it, and they're the ones that get their threads locked the most. I've been here for 7 years and not once have the rules even somewhat relaxed on any of the issues brought up here. Warnings are incredibly useful and back when this place was really bumpin' with hundreds of users on at a time, with boards blowing up almost constantly, spam was a big problem and had to be reigned in so people could find what they needed in a very fast-moving community. Now? Not so much. You're lucky if the thread you're active in updates once every day with something that's not just a different way of the person talking to themself. Warnings are given out way too liberally when it comes to this sort of thing. There's no reason to be so hard on people who get off topic now, or bring new ideas to the table that aren't completely related to the original post. Giving out a 10% warn for saying one thing unrelated in a dead thread is pretty unfair and just plain mean. And if there's no reason to take a 10% warning seriously, especially when it comes from posting "spam", then you could say that about any percentage after that is just as unimportant as long as the user was just posting things that weren't related to the topic. It's ridiculous to think that warnings shouldn't mean something. Especially when it stays on your account permanently.
  14. after quite literally 7 years I was finally lucky enough to get my first Guardian of Nature it's so beautiful
  15. congrats to all the news mods!!
  16. Frills and Pinks are back!!!! Happy birthday DC!!!
  17. I'd say this is because it keeps an air of mystery in the biomes, especially to new players. It keeps us from snatching alts who have their egg sprites different, keeps us from only grabbing the rarer dragon who has the same description as a more common cousin, and is also designed to keep it a mystery what a new release egg looks like until you grab it. That last part is of course for anyone who doesn't stalk the news subforum and only sees new releaess by chance. In the AP, the egg has been seen before. It's been seen, grabbed, or bred, and tossed back out. People are less likely to toss rares into the AP unless they're feeling generous and there's no real reason to keep the mystery around the egg. From a design standpoint, it's also far less cluttered to use the images instead of walls of text. It'd be way more difficult to use the AP if you had to read 30 lines of text all squished together before you found what you needed rather than just seeing the picture. But this makes it so that the AP is slower to load than the Biomes even if just for a few seconds for players with better internet. At that point it'd be easier, and far less time-consuming, to just make a dragcave phone app which has been discussed and shot down several times. Setting up websites by themselves is hard enough but to make a functioning mobile version that's so drastically different from the desktop version (one having images and the other not doesn't seem big but it is) would be too much work for me to ask of TJ. Especially since he works so hard on the mobile version of the site already. I'd personally be willing to put in the work if I were asked, but again it would take a long time to figure out. Especially since on most mobile sites you can switch to desktop at any time. We'd have to take that away as well.
  18. I see what you mean, I just wanted to point out that it's really fairly common for people to grab hoards of dragons from different biomes. But someone who was hoarding golds all of a sudden hoarding say, purple dragons, definitely would seem off. It is, technically possible, but it would actually cost money haha so I think we can safely rule that out (I doubt anyone would be willing to shovel out $100 just to catch some sprites). I think it's the same on tablets actually, since they generally have the same layout. At least for Apple products. Anyone who uses scripts to cheat on dragcave would be on the computer all the time, or they wouldn't be able to do their thing. But changing the text to images would hurt people on their phone or tablet too, since it's quite a bit of work to put such a drastic difference between the desktop version and mobile version and would just be easier to have both use images. The sad truth is that cheaters are always going to find a way to cheat, even if it means more work for them. If the pay off is better than the work they put in, then why stop? I'm not sure there's any way to really stop them unless we had some sort of... task force that spent time hunting down people who used scripts, or multiscrolled (which would likely go hand-in-hand).
  19. I think there's more cons than pros to this idea unfortunately. The images would need to have a temporary link like dragons already do and generating, then loading, this randomized unique link to the image would take some time. Then of course there's the problem with bandwidth and how the images, no mater how small, could potentially eat away at it. People who play on mobile would also be out of luck as most of the time when I'm on mobile the images don't load. None of them. It takes several refreshes to see what a dragon is on my scroll or in the ap if I'm lucky enough to get an image at all. For the people who are stuck on their phones all the time this would make catching CB eggs almost impossible. The only pro I see to this is that it stops scripters from using the text in the egg descriptions from using said text to catch eggs automatically, and even then it would only be a temporary fix. I can see several workarounds for this that a scripter may use. It'd be more trouble, but wouldn't stop the problem. In the long run it would hurt far more innocent users who are just unlucky enough to have poor internet or no computer. I'm saying this as a programmer myself. EDIT: Even though it was just an offhanded comment I'd like to say something about this line This wouldn't necessarily mean the person who caught all the pinks was a cheater. I know many people who like to build armies of dragons and sometimes when they have no other project to work on, just go around collecting as many as they can. I'm one of them. This, by itself, would be bad. But if we added in how many dragons were on the scroll, how active it was beside the time it grabbed the eggs, what kind of trophies it has, when the scroll was created, etc. would help identify cheaters.
  20. I add extensions all the time!! here's my list: AdBlock Stylish (lets me customize how webpages look for me) Tumblr Savior (lets me blacklist terms/phrases on tumblr) No More Music Players (disables all music players on people's tumblr blogs) Soundcloud Downloader (downloads tracks from soundcloud) Animal Crossing Music (plays Animal Crossing music according to the hour, depending on game of your choice) The Trumpweb (changes every instance of Donald Trump's name to include one of his ridiculous tweets) AO3rdr (let's me blacklist terms on Archive of Our Own) New XKit (an extension for tumblr) and of course lots of google docs extensions ᶘ ᵒ㉨ᵒᶅ
  21. last day for applications! good luck to those who applied!!
  22. I just got the new layout a second ago and I guess it's not so bad, even though I'm very unhappy about it right now. it'll probably just take time to acclimate to like the biomes
  23. I've searched the suggestions a bit and found things similar to what I've been looking for, but they all seem to include adding a brand new feature to the site rather than simply modifying an existing one. Feel free to close if this is a duplicate. Unlike Tabs, or Tags, this would just change the way the existing sort order functions. Something like Tags would absolutely be welcome, but in the more immediate future I'd like the option to use several of the scroll sorting options at the same time (ie. sorting by breed, as well as color) rather than having to choose one or the other. Being a person with over 1,000 dragons I find it difficult and next to impossible to properly sort my dragons the way I want to, especially since I don't have the energy or time to manually place every single one of my dragons a specific way. Yes, you can add values to dragons and create a custom sort using numbers or by dragging and dropping, but it's just not what I'm looking for. That takes time that I just don't have. It's exhausting just thinking about going through ~1100 dragons and manually placing them where I want. I can't even imagine what it's like for the people with thousands upon thousands of dragons! I like the way sorting by color looks but I noticed pretty early on that it separates dragon breeds if, say, the female sprite were a slightly darker shade than the male sprite or had a different accent color. It can put it just a few dragons down, or all the way on a separate page if the colors are drastically different. This is pretty infuriating since I'd like to see one breed in one spot, instead of strewn about the scroll, but I'd also like the appearance of sorting by color. It wouldn't look perfect, but in my opinion it'd be better than going on a scavenger hunt to find out where my dragons went. Having the option to sort by color, and having an entire breed included in that color scheme, would honestly be preferable to what we have now. I can see how things would start to get more complicated with things like combining the age of the dragon as well as having everything alphabetized, or name and also color, etc. I'm open to suggestions as to how that could work!