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My Scroll-I've just about grown tired of all this. 95% of the people that know me on here hate me for something I didn't do (formerly scamming and lying), I lost a lot of dragons that made the game worthwhile, and almost everytime I mess something up I get blamed. High school's depressing enough. I don't need this standing in my way. This was fun while it lasted. I'm a lot more mature than this. Ta-ta. Long story short?...hope.pngI have left DC, and never coming back. Too much drama and dragon-losses, and I've grown up and won't waste time with this anymore. Pink dragons still rock.~Dixie(Breast Cancer lineage is closed due to my scroll being burned. I'm sorry.) 25s0tv6.jpg

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    You all want to think of me as a scammer and liar? Fine; I've given up anyway. So much for having friends on here. Well, I'm leaving. Updating on my scroll and my lineages at times but still leaving. I'm done trying to turn this horrible lie of my being as a scammer or liar...it's just not working, just giving me pleads to come clean and turn my self in.

    Well you know what guys?
    I'm not confessing to something I didn't do.

    **To those that made me hold this reputation with their rumors:
    Grow up and get a life, losers.