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  1. Kinda wishing the solstices thing wasn't retroactive; I basically only play at night so I probably won't have any of the new blue ones. Oh well.
  2. If you go through the thread you should find more than enough frozen hatchlings to meet the requirement.
  3. There is a thread where people are posting links to their rarer dragons called Encyclopedia Helpers. It's actually incredibly easy to find enough frills and old pinks if you go through the posts in there. Really the only monumentally difficult breed to complete is the Neglected Dragons, and that's only because the required number of hatchlings is ridiculously high. Also just a note about the hatchlings - it doesn't matter which stage they are in when you view them. If you viewed 10 stage one hatchlings you would still get the stage 2 image unlocked.
  4. To anyone whose eggs are getting ready to hatch, make sure you keep an eye on them if you drop them onto click sites! I just lost a new Halloween baby to sickness.
  5. I think all he did was allow people to go back and do the areas they've already done, so that if they missed any items they could grab them.
  6. Hit me with it!!! Scroll name: stellarwing Gotcha! Scroll name: stellarwing Threw a snow-ball at: Ytak Threw a snow-ball at: Ollis46
  7. Hit me with it!!! Scroll name: stellarwing Gotcha! Scroll name: stellarwing Threw a snow-ball at: Ollis46
  8. I tried. Visited it about 10 times but it doesn't pop up.
  9. Me too! The first time you went to the Dragon Crafts stall did you click the link saying to leave without taking the scales? That's my problem.
  10. So I have 33 items, and I think I actually screwed up getting the last item. The first time I went to the Dragon Crafts stall I accidentally clicked on the link saying I DIDN'T want to pick up the scales, so I didn't get them. I went back, but this time it gave me the Golden Vial, since it was technically my second time going there. But I never got the first item, and I can't seem to no matter how many times I go back. Can anyone help?
  11. There's no need to wait and see, I can guarantee it's fake. No one announces something like this on April Fool's Day if it's real.
  12. I like how some people actually have doubts about whether or not it's fake. Though I definitely put in my e-mail, in case TJ sends something interesting.
  13. Yes, more male Christmas dragons! I was hoping they would be!
  14. I think it's supposed to be a surprise until they grow up!
  15. I had missed an item. When I tried to go through the final hidden door it told me something was preventing me from passing through, and said I might be missing a magical item.
  16. Generally how these contests are handled is that there will be a page you can go to in order to view the trees. When you look at the page, 1-4 submitted images will be randomly selected, and you can vote on these. You are free to continue refreshing and voting on as many as you like, with every refresh giving you another random handful of submissions. This is just a guess, I have no idea how it will actually happen.
  17. I doubt it will be just him judging. My guess is that there will be a system to let the users vote.
  18. Oookay, first two eggs I clicked on I got. I expected it to be a LITTLE harder than that. Whatever, I'm happy. Good luck and happy holidays to everyone!
  19. Yes, Christmas eggs have been popping up in the AP.
  20. I assumed it was the headless horseman.