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  1. UPDATE: Looks like it's working now! :)


    Since the update I haven't been able to access the Account page. I just get a generic error. This happens on both my computer and my phone. I tried logging out and back in but it made no difference.


  2. This topic is such a great help, and I'm very thankful to everyone who contributes!


    Does anyone happen to have any frozen Arcana hatchings or Starsinger hatchlings? I've already combed the backlog. I know the Starsingers are going to be rare because of the 2 breed limit but I'm really hoping I don't have to wait 10 months to unlock everything!


    As payment, here are some electrified bolts and glowing aeons!


    Electrified Bolts:







    Glowing Aeons:






    And my Sakuhanas, if anyone needs them.



  3. Remember, this website is still a business. The more people accessing the website, the more revenue generated from the website's ads.


    If everyone knew up front that their cure/spread efforts wouldn't matter, they wouldn't have bothered playing the game and thus wouldn't have visited the site so much. $$$$$

    The event text stated from the get-go that no permanent changes would be made to any dragons. There was never any illusion that something would come out of it.


    And it was entirely possible for the spreaders to win, there were just a lot more people doing cure.

  4. One the first page on TJ09 post it says "up to 50 treats" ? Where comes the 51 from? Was one more added?

    Not sure why there's one more than what TJ said, but 51 is what people have been getting to before they stop finding treats. I've got 51 myself.

  5. tbh I can never do a Genocide run solely because of Papyrus. The most I can handle is an "jerk pacifist" run where you lower enemy HP enough not to kill them, but to activate the Spare button.

    I did a genocide run, the game constantly reminds you what a terrible person you are and the final boss took me several days and 150+ attempts.

  6. EDIT: and dear god what NOW there's green fog on some of my dragons and if they change or die im going to be even more pissed than i am already.

    No need to worry about that part. smile.gif This is from the event page:


    "Note: No dragons will be permanently affected by the infection. All dragons will eventually recover. Maybe when the event is over..."

  7. I'm sorry about that. It's interesting to me, because checking over it again that should have been a possible solution. I suppose that's the luck part of the game.


    I'll take a crack at your new one in a moment. Hopefully to better success.

    I looked over it because I was curious, and I think I found the problem.


    user posted image


    The two indicated were switched. The way you put COULD have worked, but there was no way to know if it was that way or this way with the information provided at the time.

  8. Sorry xd.png it seems I can't tell my own colours apart. I was doing these pretty quickly xd.png


    thanks for spotting it though. The more helpers we have, the less chance there is of someone failing a game because of incorrect help xd.png

    No problem! It's understandable, I see you've been helping out with a lot of games!

  9. user posted image

    That's as far as I got, uncover the blue (safe) squares to find out more.


    The 4 tile means there are four virus squares touching it; you can get a maximum of an 8 square.

    It's sandy because it's based off the desert tombstone (or so the current theory says) smile.gif

    The space above the 4 is actually a safe spot, because that 2 is already touching 2 viruses.

  10. help xd.png

    I hate minesweeper, I never won once in my life!

    and what does the golden 4 mean???

    user posted image

    user posted image


    red = bad

    blue = safe


    The color of the 4 doesn't mean anything, it's just what the 4's look like in this game. Each number is made to look like one of the zombie biome tombstones.

  11. Okay:


    Blue = safe click it.

    Green = bomb!

    Yellow = Good luck it is 50/50


    user posted image

    As soon as you clear blue, the tiles above it will no longer be 50/50. If the tile under blue is a 2, the tile directly above it is safe but the one above that is a virus. If the number is 3, the tile directly above is a virus but the one above that is safe.

  12. Help?


    user posted image

    The game is much easier if you mark the spots you know are "bombs"! Right click on a tile and it will add a little virus symbol to remind you not to click there.


    I edited this in Paint real quick. The green check mark is for sure a safe spot. Maybe clicking on it will help you get further!


    user posted image


    EDIT: I just realized there was even more information to be gleaned from that screenshot!


    user posted image

  13. So is it just me or does the game not load for anyone?


    EDIT: I've tried loading my scroll, which worked fine, so it seems to only be the play page for me.

    From the comments it sounds like others have been able to access it, but I can't get it to work either. If I click "Continue Playing" it just tries to load until it times out. I have tried it on 4 different browsers on 2 different computers. I'm a little worried because I don't know if I will have time to get on later today. :/

  14. Currently if you pick up a Sunrise/Sunset egg, your encyclopedia will always count it as a Sunrise egg. If you hatch a Sunset from the egg, it will then flip and count you as having owned a Sunset egg (while taking away one from your Sunrise egg tally).


    My question is: Is this a glitch, or is it intended to work this way?