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    Leafpool. Freaking Leafpool. She gets so much author love from Erin Hunter because she's so ~*~special~*~ and everyone is constantly reminded how good and perfect she is. Leafpool? Is terrible. She decides to ditch her clan for a cat she only met about twice and suddenly decided she's in love with. The only reason she got to come back? Because Cinderpelt died. Then everyone forgives her because everyone just LOVES Leafpool even though she's a backstabbing traitor. Everything is about Leafpool. New Prophecy and Power of Three are supposed to be about Brambleclaw and Leafpool's kits (oh come on, everyone's figured it out by now), but it keeps coming back to her, because she can't just stay out of the spotlight.


    In short, Leafpool is a lying, two faced traitorous brat who only thinks about herself, but everyone loves because Erin Hunter says we have to.




    EXCUSE Me, WHAT? Wow... I just read the Fourth Apprenntice. I should be caught up by now, but my mom wouldn't let me get any of the books for a really long time....





    Oh, now, I REALLY HATE that, whining, selfish, twinckmuffler, angry, un-loyal, mouse-brain, crow fur, little twerp-brat!


    EDIT: I just realized I switched to some clan insults, and one Harry Potter one.