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  1. (sorry, my mobile doesn't show formatting for some reason... It is pretty old <.< )
  2. Sethimo

    Art Worm

    Well hold on now, why un-sticky this, shouldn't TJ say something about it first? Unless of course, I've missed the horrible and untimely death of TJ.
  3. ( on my mobile, checking out the forums. I was involved in the (we like to think) original DN rp started by iExorcist. I will most definitely be joining this rp when I get home tomorrow. PS: hi jadeheaetoffire *grins* haven't seen you for awhile. ))
  4. M. Night Shama-whats-his-face just plain sucks. The TV show was hella-better.
  5. Agreed, the series was awesome at first, but those three horrible writers using the name Erin Hunter have completely ruined it. Honestly, I only like Jayfeather..... for now.
  6. Sethimo

    Art Worm

    I sent mine in but I am still waiting for TJ to respond. Nom. I love milk and cookies!
  7. ACHK! EXCUSE Me, WHAT? Wow... I just read the Fourth Apprenntice. I should be caught up by now, but my mom wouldn't let me get any of the books for a really long time.... LEAFPOOL'S KITS?!! Oh, now, I REALLY HATE that, whining, selfish, twinckmuffler, angry, un-loyal, mouse-brain, crow fur, little twerp-brat! EDIT: I just realized I switched to some clan insults, and one Harry Potter one.
  8. Sethimo

    Art Worm

    I have read the rules. I never saw that though.
  9. Sethimo

    Art Worm

    I like Milk! BTW How do we join TJ?
  10. ( Migth join, but I wanted to say one thing. I was looking around and I found that Leaders don't decide any of the name. The mother and father decide what their kit's warrior name will be.)
  11. Just so you know, the entire line of Umbreonage links are broken. So is the link, Nakase
  12. ........... do i have too answer?.............
  13. ((He is in my class, he said he was on here but didn't say his name. I think he is Sir Owyn Xannar))
  14. Cshoes, are there anymore dragons left? I know what you said but my friend said that you had some more.