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  1. Thanks and congrats to you as well
  2. Thank you all who have participated in the latest target mass breeding. I've really enjoyed the lower time eggs in the AP.
  3. As the thread is right now I don't think it follows the roleplaying rules. Maybe look over the rules for the roleplaying area and see how this could be changed/adapted to work within those rules and then contact a roleplay mod to move it or redo it there?
  4. This seems more like a game rather than a "real" discussion of the Cheese dragon. As such, mods have decided to move it to games. edited for spelling - ruby
  5. This was years ago, but I believe I didn't get my first one until after 39 attempts - back then eggs could also have clutches - I bred some blacks, got 3 black eggs and chose one and of the those 3 one did turn but not the one I kept. Currently, my bad luck with black alts is about 1 in 10 if I'm really trying everyday to breed/hatch 'em. I hope your luck improves and you get one soon
  6. Another thread warn: Stop trying to use this thread to get auto-abandoned eggs returned. It was decided by admin/mods long ago not to allow threads/posts for getting those back as auto-abandoning is a built in mechanic of the game. If you want to change how auto-abandoing works I think there might be a suggestion for it already in the suggestion subforum that might be of interest. Do not post eggs/progeny listings etc of auto-abandoned eggs in an effort to get them back or to try to "shame" others into giving it back. Once it leaves your scroll, it doesn't belong to you and the one w
  7. Mods have discussed this topic and don't feel it is needed. Trios and Avatars can already be traded in the current threads. I'll be closing this now.