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  1. In my dream, I was surrounded by the broken ruins of what seemed to be my house. There were no colors; Just shades of gray and black. For the first few moments, all I could do was gaze upon the wreckage, and I couldn't move. All I could do was turn and look until I caught sight of a wall that was still standing. There was some graffiti on it. Someone wrote it using charcoal, but the text itself read "BLOOD". I instinctively wanted to turn away but now I was held completely in place. I couldn't even twitch. It faded to black a little, and it felt like something was pulling me away from the dream itself. I had the vague sensation of being carried upwards. For some reason I was more afraid of this little sensation than of what I was dreaming before, so I fought. After awhile I felt like I was diving back down to it. And then it faded back in. I returned to the same position in front of that same wall, but the text was blurred out, like someone wiped their hands across it to smudge it out, and there was a phantom girl floating in front of the wall. She was young, about eleven or twelve years old, and she had pitch black hair and big eyes. She resembled a porcelain doll, and she wore a kimono with a floral pattern on it. We had a conversation, but I don't remember what we said to each other except for one last thing she said to me. She showed me her finger, which had charcoal on it, (revealing that she was the one who smudged away the text,) and said "We'll call you Kohihomui..." And then I woke up. Out of a combination of curiosity and extreme fear, I actually googled Kohihomui. It redirected me to "Koihoma" which is apparently a dead language of Persian origin. Yeah... Wat. ._.
  2. I have pretty awesome intuition. When I have to guess something (like on a multiple choice test, or "pick the right card out of these three", or something along those lines,) all I have to do is take a deep breath, and then I "feel" the answer. It's really reliable; about 85 % of the time I end up guessing correctly. It's not really an ability, but the second toe on both my feet is longer than my big toe. I have a really high stamina when running on concrete, but when I'm running on grass, I run out of energy really fast. I have really good hearing. I seem to have a natural inclination for spicy foods. I've been eating foods drenched in pepper and hot sauce since I was 18 months old, and I seem to have a keen sense of smell when it comes to spicy things. I can walk and run and remain ALMOST completely silent while doing it. (The trick is to keep on your toes. It can take a while to get it balanced out evenly though.) I can stop running on a dime. (Wouldn't recommend it unless you have good traction with the ground. Momentum sucks...) I can sleep with my eyes open. I can perfectly imitate a cat's meow. I have two double jointed fingers. One on each hand. Last but not least, I can touch the tip of my nose with my tongue.
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    Bad Apple ^^Comes with translation, too.^^ Yup, that's me when it comes right down to it.
  4. I've always wanted to try this, actually. Being prone to frequent storms of the dreaded Writer's Block, however, there's just no way I could get it done on time unless I just drop everything now, lock the door to my room and just type away... But I have highschool things to worry about. I'm failing Algebra (terribly... It's not even funny. I haaaaaaaate all these BS equations I'm never gonna use in real life... And just overcomplicating simple things in the first place... Ugh... Math isn't logical that way. But I digress... >_>) Anyway... Probably not gonna do NaNo. But as a writer I must write! And now I feel a touch of inspiration. Y'know, I've got an epic plot I've been working on and buffing up in the back of my head since I was twelve...(I'm sixteen now. Yeah. That's quite a bit of development... ) Maybe this is a good time to start writing a novel anyway. Maybe I'll even get published... I'm off to do some writing. Later, guys. 83
  5. Perhaps, but I'm still kind of suspicious about it. You know? I don't know if the artist used the Catz sprites for reference or if they actually took and edited the sprites a little. Hrrrm... =/
  6. Actually, I'm 100% sure the sprites of these cats came from the video game "Catz." It was an old game boy game. Ubisoft played a part in the game's making. Look up the game and compare the sprites. A few may have been edited/ recolored, but I know for a fact that the sprites are not completely original...
  7. I just joined yesterday. I LOVED the graveyard hunting. :3 Though I can't post my creatures now, as it seems the site isn't letting me in. o.o"
  8. I named my first chicken... Dirty Chicken Toy. A cookie to the people who get the reference.
  9. When I was eight, I had a dream that my friends and I were being pursued by a dangerous gunman. We took two sharp turns, only to realize we were back where we started, only this time there was a second gunman. We ran around again, and there was a third gunman. Then a fourth, a fifth...They aimed at us, fired, and we ended up at this strange tunnel, man made, but very old. Mold was growing on the ceiling and grotesque bugs were every where! We were spotted by two other gunmen, who shouted at us, pointing their guns, but they didn't fire. As we ran, my friends all vanished and I was eventually cornered by shadows. I cringed. That was when I woke up.
  10. Dear Diary, I'm assuming you already know that you're a measley bit of tree bark I keep hidden in my piece of the cave, and I'm also assuming you know that I'm a dragon that can claw you to bits. So no funny business with putting splinters in me, understood? Good. That aside, there's another pygmy dragon in the Clan...and he's kind of cute. His name is Coffie, and he often speaks to me about the things he finds when he sneaks out of the cave at night. Today he showed me a place where this dragon's skull was...probably remnants of an old battle...(That'll show 'em all not to mess with Caynae Clan! (And the leader Settara, who I admit is a handsome dragon himself. Too bad he's not a pygmy like me... )) I could fit right inside it! We played around in the forest for awhile, too. But then the sun started to rise! I was so dissappointed when we had to head back to the cave for our Clan duties... But when we got there, the three eggs that'd been sitting there for awhile had at last hatched! (Hehe...One of them has two heads, like Reiko and Rikkie!) Kinjikee and Xiaeri had another egg. It seems different from the pink eggs you see now adays; It's darker! I gotta go now...Coffie's here...() Sincerely, Toffie~ PS: OUCH! You gave me a splinter! Why you little...! You're gonna get it now!!!