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  2. *runs off to level up* DC feel my snow flinging wrath!!
  3. Snagged two no problem! Happy Birthday DC
  4. 13%.... oh well.... When I saw the plotting world domination, I just smiled. I do that like everyday when I'm bored.
  5. I love theather, but it doesn't love me (ie: I'm not too great at it) I've been in one play, and did something backstage for 2 plays and two musicals.
  6. we don't need no boxes! LOL (even though i seen it before)
  7. I've been lurking/stalking, but as far as I know, none of my characters are involved in any plot line, leaving me nothing to post....
  8. sweepea825

    Warrior Cats Books!

    But in the end, it was Firestar's story, even though the later serieses centered around other cats. So it makes sense to end with his death. And if you want more, you can petition to Erin and/or write fanfiction.
  9. Almost died when I got this one: Officer Krupke (from West Side Story.... yes, I spelled it right....)
  10. Got this today Flying Purple People Eatter
  11. Sorry... I've been lurking a lot, and notifications were weird.... I can post something as Rain (not sure what) but I killed off Pumpkin http://forums.dragcave.net/index.php?showt...0entry4952186'>here...
  12. I. WIN. 2 alts in 3 and a half months. I have been on DC for over 3 years.
  13. *hugs TJ* This was a great idea!!
  14. I am really liking these wreaths! mine
  15. Aww. That's so sweet! Whoever did that is awesome.
  16. Not as extravagant as some others, but.... http://dragcave.net/wreath/sweepea825
  17. Haven't done a lot lot yet... will see what else we get.... http://dragcave.net/wreath/sweepea825